Destiny 2 Forsaken. HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE FORSAKEN DLC! (Part 1) How To Get Forsaken Yr 2 Loot!

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NOTE: You can’t put raid keys in your vault. Let the stock up in your postmaster by filling up your consumables. Destiny 2 Forsaken. Here is a guide on how to prepare for the Forsaken DLC. I’ll go over all the things you need to do, save, collect etc. in preparation for the Forsaken DLC dropping September 4th. ✅ Build your own SCUF controller! Use Code MesaArmy for a discount on the best controllers available!
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25 Responses

  1. Mesa Sean says:

    Check out Mesa Sean 200K Merch! Available for the next 21 days via @Teespring:

  2. So we're is Leviathan on the new forsaken

  3. Guigo Gomes says:

    Where is the Leviathan scout rifle??

  4. Ben Beecher says:

    world tokens are said to be practically useless in forsaken, save the world resources instead of the tokens.

  5. richard bean says:

    just an update to the keys, in case no one knew or maybe you do. if you fill up your inventory before you go into levi, the keys go to the postmaster, otherwise they disappear on reset. and bounties dont go anywhere, i have 29 completed ones on my hunter, hopefully they dont go away when forsaken hits

  6. King Zalut says:

    I play alot (to much) To have that much parts,shards and tokens is impossible in a regular way…

  7. Fun game: take a shot everytime he says “when forsaken hits”

  8. What the hell, this guys inventory actually belongs on hoarders

  9. BGxFierce says:

    600 light level? they haven’t even confirmed what the new light will be though…

  10. Dont get rid of your mods the old mods can be change to new mods in forsaken.

  11. Dustin Volp says:

    dumb question So I should horde and not use up planet tokens?? Im a horder in video games and I have a tons of tokens, I should save them?? Is that correct?

  12. J Lamps says:


  13. i got a 129 three of coins im hoping the three of coins will matter when forsaken comes out but right now they dont do shit dont even give you 385 gear and your 385+ on your characters already and have all exotics

  14. Big Boy says:

    How do you get the cosmos shell asking for a friend

  15. Joel says:

    great video, don't think the average player has the quantity of consumables you have tho.

  16. Blue mods can also can give components

  17. #madeittotheend

    So I have a literal shit ton of mods, I'm thinking I'll just disassemble all of them except for maybe one of each except the elemental ones, will probably keep 5 each of those.

  18. #madeittotheend I just started playing this weekend and I'm confused on what I should be doing

  19. Taylor Wrenn says:

    Who confirmed that Destination tokens won't drop Y2 gear?

  20. jason thies says:

    Mean what are those red balls on the bottom left of toe consumables?

  21. nick mora says:

    Mesa, are you saying that all tokens, if not put in the vault and stay on your character, will be deleted?

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