Destiny 2 Gameplay. NPC Devrim Kay, Adventures, Lost Sectors, Regional Loot Chests & Public Events.

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Destiny 2 Gameplay. NPC Devrim Kay, Adventures, Lost Sectors, Regional Loot Chests & Public Events.This Destiny 2 gameplay video will have exclusive Destiny 2 gameplay captured at Bungie Studios. All day I will have footage of Destiny 2 Adventures, Lost Sectors, NPC Devrim Kay, Regional Loot Chests, The European Deadzone, new weapons, gear, Heroic Public Events and tons more.
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27 Responses

  1. Chad Bro says:

    If you take a closer look at the yellow sparrow on the seat there is a eye of osiris

  2. Dave L says:

    This is Master Ives. Doesn't anyone think that's a bit slack that this new character has the voice of an old one? Seems like an astonishing choice to me! There are SO many great voice actors! Why wouldn't you get a new voice for a new character?? I sort of can't believe it. Important character too.

  3. Ray Richter says:

    Holy overused backing track. over and over and over and over. hahaha

  4. This bish… gets a beard… but we cant…

  5. Kaibe 14208 says:

    aim assist nefend too the ground he can only get one shoot from the burst

  6. Barnsey3288 says:

    He sounded like Gideon from Cod Advanced Warfare.

  7. Brett Silva says:

    Why did you "have to" black out the legendary rewards? It's not exactly a spoiler.

  8. Nurve says:

    1st time seeing an ad on a video ?

  9. Thomas Cox says:

    At least put spoilers in the front of the video title… Not everyone wants to know everything about the game before it even comes out

  10. Welcome to our Destiny 2 PS4/XBOX/PC community! This community is for finding members for your fire team, discussions about the game, sharing stories or sharing pictures involving the game (memes obviously included), and being around people who all have the same interests; Kicking ass on Destiny 2!

  11. Damn, your only one I seen block out his inventory.

  12. Shane Bell says:

    Every video of yours today has had ads for me! That hasn't happened in months! #MesaSean #MadeItToTheEnd

  13. I do like what the Fallen are wearing and i hope you can still do tricks on your Sparrow

  14. Definitely watching all these videos today. Great job once again bringing us the latest D2 news! #madeittotheend

  15. peter dozal says:

    4:40 :Spoiler:

    this footage leaked yesterday before embargo and what someone got for turning those tokens in were 2 legendary weapons and 2 weapon/armor shaders. The weapon/armor shaders were both rare quality (if I remember correctly) and they both were the same shader. This leads us to believe that that shader can be applied to any weapon or armor piece meaning that you can farm for one kind of shader to get a perfect matching set. Also the shaders name had something to do with the EDZ making us think that there will be planet exclusive shaders that you will have to hunt for. All sounds kinda cool.

  16. The model for the side he is using is identical to the repeater pistol models in the original Borderlands

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