Destiny 2 Guide: Gear Mods, 350 Power, Exotic Engrams, Eververse, Treasure Maps, NPC Rep & More!

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►Destiny 2. How To Get Legendary Shards! (Buying Exotics From Xur With Legendary Shards.)

►Destiny 2. Character Progression, Engram Power Decrypting, Raid, Trials of the Nine & Launch Times!

►Destiny 2. Curse Of Osiris Vex DLC! (Also My Big Announcement I Have Been Teasing)

►Destiny 2. Vex DLC, Trials Of The Nine Modes, Leviathan Seen, New Tower, Wardiff…

Destiny 2 Tips

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26 Responses

  1. Scar Toxix says:

    I thought it was a 305 max

  2. Charles Reed says:

    All Destiny youtubers have the same fucking thumbnails

  3. Bill_Carson says:

    Wtf is the blue engram at eververse?

  4. ZestyBakerrr says:

    I'm so fucking stupid I got a celestial nighthawk and I put a rare mod on it I want to kms

  5. Okamii Auld says:

    What is the blue thing beside the stack of 5….

  6. DBZ Jay HD says:

    How do we get mod components?

  7. 15 minute video for 5 seconds of info I needed. Table of contents plz.

  8. cao mart says:

    How can I get rid of the hood Please help

  9. Any idea when caydes treasure maps reset? im assuming its weekly?

  10. guys if you want to know how to find xur in destiny 2

  11. Bobby Shotz says:

    Is that true? Yolu don't haver to have best gear on to get good engrams? I'm to afraid to try it cuz if it doesn't work Ima kik yo ace! 😉

  12. teflon don says:

    Glimmer max is 99999.

  13. JHolland says:

    Can u put rare modifications on legendary gear??

  14. I'm getting destiny 2 today👍🏾

  15. I hope there are a lot of exotics with the speed everyone's getting them

  16. Tyrell says:

    Too bad it's pay-to-win now

  17. WTF, shaders as consumables?!

  18. Chris Wenger says:

    Destiny youtubers are getting as bad gta with overloading videos with commercials

  19. DoctorSparky says:

    The items in the description for the exotic engram seem to change every hour or half hour. The vendors items also rotate.

  20. jsteel411 says:

    Dude what's up with all these Ads wtf

  21. Taylor Made says:

    This action cannot be undone…..Mesa fail…….

  22. Geoff Hughes says:

    Very informative!!! A lot of information to digest and remember! I love it though.

  23. It said this action cannot be undun

  24. Maxi Singh says:

    I got a Exotic Engram at level 4 in crucible 😂

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