Destiny 2 How to Fix Reckoning Q&A

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The Q&A segment that followed my talk about how The Reckoning in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter wasn’t the most popular or liked activity. With Moments of Triumph following Season of Opulence players are having to run Reckoning again and there are ways Bungie could improve the activity. — Watch live at

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22 Responses

  1. Dude you are awesome! I listen to you on my earbuds at work good stuff man good stuff! Keep doing these videos ?

  2. Jared Depew says:

    A big help is if you die or get knocked off the bridge, you respond at the most recent part of the bridge you’ve unlocked. When you can’t get rezed by a teammate they start you at the start of the bridge. Also maybe increase super/ability regeneration while on the bridge. Let the nine bestow a gift or some shit.

  3. valaraz says:

    That's exactly how my timeline went; battlefield hardcore to destiny casual to hardcore to casual to battlefield hardcore and now at season of opulence back to destiny hardcore.

    I may not agree with the rationale of the slam push but overall I agree with what you're saying and really enjoyed this one from start to finish.

  4. I love the idea of collecting weapon/armour bounties for each activity, if you do the weekly milestone it could be your power full drop too.
    Menagerie if you had the choice to wager/pay multiple runes for multiple drops ie 3 runes in each slot you get 3 drops it would also use up people's runes encouraging people to do other activities.
    Great content GGs

  5. LordGoomy says:

    2:36 Definitely, people misuse hard and confuse it with skill testing. Your skill is irrelevant when an enemy oneshots/near oneshots you, or when an enemy stomps you off of a ledge on a narrow path or into a wall to kill you. It punishes you no matter how skilled you are.

  6. Murdershyz says:

    While I'll probably never return to Destiny after ending my 5 year journey I'll always support and watch Lono cause at least he is honest.

  7. Boats_ MK7 says:

    No way could there be MM for raids. People still can't even make public events heroic.

  8. Ben Vokes says:

    But my issue is when these activities drop they're popular for a month or so and then die off. The biggest issue is all of these pockets as you say need constant updates or at least some form of updates with new gear and drops. I think it's great to have all these activities but once were done there's no major reasons to go back, that to me would make this game flourish even more so

  9. Ric Tone says:

    Please make a talk on having a longer campaign.

  10. Pier Luigi says:

    Menagerie was between 10/12% you can look here

  11. KAOTIC ONE says:

    They did say there will be some reprised year 1 armor. They did not confirm all armor sets though. Other than that eververse stuff will be ornaments.

  12. Reckoning is definitely infuriating!! I beat tier 3 four times yesterday and got three gauntlets and one robe. For the time that I spent just grinding that out I should’ve at least gotten three different pieces of armor. What gives?!

  13. Lono keep doing what your doing man. Your personality and the way you reply to questions is the reason I continue to come back.

  14. Donomite 0 says:

    top tree solar warlock allows you to be around in the air and regen abilities per kill but theres no airborn modifier only grounded thanks bungie you get the community totally listening

  15. I hate how you got 15 second when you start up. Why not begin when you drop down.

  16. My issue with that triumph is I HAD multiple full sets but deleted them bcus I dont play prime and I didn't like the look. Do to them being random rolls I cant pull them out of collections. So yeah I just dont want to re grind them just for a triumph

  17. Hey lono stop being so snarky to your everyday/stream supporters. Bro I watch your stuff bcus u create alot but man you trigger me in your Q&A streams. Hey do you, keep up the good work

  18. This man is aggravating. Dude asks a question "this is not how you engage w/ QUESTION and answer. Stop hijacking the stream" ? HE ASKED A QUESTION!

  19. Hariukin says:

    distribution of activity is on

  20. Already had the armorset. I just couldn't get my hands on Doomsday. Finally got it Monday since there's more people to grind with

  21. Lets go my dude! I legit wait on these for my morning commute

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