Destiny 2: How To Get “Override Frequency” & Open up Sleeper nodes Chests On mars

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In this video I show you how to get override frequency and open up sleeper nodes

Destiny 2 Tips

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24 Responses

  1. That OneGuy says:

    I have 5/4 stems and it won’t let me make a override frequency, any ideas?

  2. Dude it's not giving me any of resonate stem

  3. Mines broken, I have 22 resonant stems have done one box before but they won't let me make any override frequencies

  4. This helped me a lot, good and simple explanation on what to do, that’s just what I like. Liked and subscribed

  5. Dude. how do you only have 65 thousand subs

  6. david says:

    I got like 56 remote stem how the fuck do you create the frequency?

  7. Edel Garcia says:

    I've gathered some stems to get the override frequency but I can't fuse them for some reason. Any help?

  8. SpicyBacon says:

    I got my ikelos handcannon as a max masterwork

  9. Thank you so much this video is awesome???

  10. Tac Gamming says:

    My stems won’t let me combine them what should I do I have 10 of them to

  11. Brenswimstar says:

    Can u only make 1 override frequency per day, I have 8 stems but it won't let me make a key

  12. Mafiaa a says:

    Someone pls tell me , is there a limit on How many you can do a day cuz I did 6 tdy nd it won’t let me create code thing

  13. david Martir says:

    I complete all the quest and I didn’t get the ikelos gun

  14. jonh hancock says:

    How TF do u convert the fucking stems into an override frequency

  15. I don’t understand where to go for these missions to get the frequency’s

  16. Giva Fk says:

    Dude thank you so much!

  17. I cannot find more than 3 stems and I've done like 20 Patrol missions in a row

  18. U sound wired think u need some sleep too much Destiny bruh

  19. Jonny Néné says:

    Thank you!!! Someone who can actually explain this, much appreciated

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