Destiny 2 – HOW to get to Gardens of Esila for Week 2 Ascendant Challenge

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Like an idiot, i had my mic muted when doing the challenge itself in the vid below where i was trying to explain how to get to the location so i decided to make this video to show everyone.

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3 Responses

  1. SneakyBeaver says:

    Just in case people weren't aware, i already did a video of completion the challenge itself (you can see it in the link below) the reason for htis video is because people were confused on how to GET to the portal. Little did i know that my mic did not get picked up in the recording so my entire explanation on how to arrive to the portal got screwed. So instead of taking down the run entirely i decided to just make this separate video showing how to easily get to the portal.

    Video of the actual challenge being completed:

  2. Kevin Klein says:

    You could have included more information (audio/gameplay/etc.)

  3. Nice video your the only one who’s show how to get there thx

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