Destiny 2: How to Skip Entire Haunted Forest & Get to Boss Platform Early! (Haunted Forest Glitch)

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What happens when we skip straight to the boss platform in the Haunted Forest?

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47 Responses

  1. Rifle Gaming says:

    Sorry about reupload for those that seen it was uploaded for a few minutes. It rendered out only 30 seconds of the video, instead of the full length.. Keep in mind you can decide what we can experiment next in Destiny 2 by commenting down below! Feel free to follow my Instagram at this link to stay connected off of YouTube. –

  2. Global says:

    terrible video.. Youtube should really ban trash uploaders like you.

  3. Adesh Sharma says:

    What’s the point of this? Just post a video when you actually accomplished something, not when you think you can.

  4. Click bait bullshit. Dude, even for you this is a blatant fuck you to anyone who watches you'r channel

  5. You and Khakis are probably the worst Destiny YouTubers

  6. David White says:

    Can i please have the 5 minutes and 47 seconds of my life back what a joke unfollowing incoming and just an fyi you should stop promoting you twitter giveaways on youtube thats 90% of your joke ass videos

  7. POD Spawn says:

    Click bait…another desperado for them viewers

  8. David Cross says:

    didnt this guy use to bust through a door to start his videos?

  9. Cyrelus says:

    Well played. Click baiting the ppl and asked for a follow. Jerk

  10. lhalls9116 says:

    Haha wow that chest is up there huh!? Dayummmm

  11. SHAME on YOU – poor Clickbait 👎👎👎

  12. Unsubscribed sick of your click bait!

  13. Cody Talich says:

    Wonder if it still works 🤔

  14. Mush Bek says:

    Yo anybody know how I can stop this idiots videos from popping up in my notifications I have his channel blocked and everything but the videos still pop up

  15. Joe Cutler says:

    you really need to be sorry for the click bait

  16. Lost Silver says:

    Clickbait and does he really give anything away i never see winners or anything i just think hes trying to profit from bullshit videos they used to be cool but shit like this is just dumb

  17. Retzor R says:

    lmao this guy again …

  18. Shiddy123 says:

    Stop all this rubbish

  19. Mewtooth says:

    I just noticed… why’d do you try to make destiny not fun? Tryna skip fun content shit, make boring ass farms, clickbait ass titles, like wtf bro? Where the love go?

  20. Da_Mitchello says:

    Can you skip to the chests???

  21. FatalRage says:

    You kinda put a false title…

  22. liked, wanting that annual pass??

  23. J M says:

    Lets report him

  24. rafael diaz says:

    Bro another click bait? You are discrediting yourself and will lose your audience post stuff with the truth.

  25. Your a DOUCHEBAG!
    This is useless clickbait!

  26. sand which says:

    Most of your comments are saying you're content is shit or clickbait. And I agree. Fuck off.

    Edit: most is generous so I apologise for that

  27. Darksotu says:

    Is every video you make clickbait? And I didn't think you could be any worse with how stupid your videos are.

  28. iKeshore says:

    “How to skip entire…” bs

  29. Glitches are for bitches

  30. More clickbait shit. Nothing happens besides being pulled to allies for those wondering. Destiny 2 content creators are so trash now days.

  31. Tyler Sommer says:

    You have to kill enemies for the nightmares to spawn! Notice why you are not getting them to spawn? This is a waist to time garbage video.

  32. Rev Funk says:

    Your channel is entirely clickbait fanaticism…..unreal

  33. Mike Schohn says:

    Yo bro thanks for all the videos and glitches you show us also check your Instagram messages I sent u a message about something I found.

  34. Wellllll, that was a complete waste of time. Thanks so much

  35. Get to the turnaround portal (where your marker was mid-video) while doing the infinite time glitch. Try to load two instances simultaneously. MIGHT CRASH THE GAME

  36. Jstyles210 says:

    He didn't even put a ? Mark after title to bait us in so it is clickbait trash

  37. The Drifter says:

    Garbage channel, get out of my recommendations

  38. iv clicked all the buttons,,, I love you Vids man, you are so, fantastic, at the way you show all the detail,,,, you are REALLY REALLY helpful,,, 👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊

  39. please stop the click bait titles, they are really garbage. i mean its ok writing something that actually happens but sounds better than it is, but you didn't even get to 'skip to the boss' as that implies they actually show up! which they did not.

    Please go back to making actual videos (preferably without the plug for the giveaway so much) about new in destiny and fun things to do. A myth busting series could be good BUT please do not do the f**king clickbait titles they are just shite! Sorry for there downvote my dude!

  40. That halo music in the background tho

  41. HyPNoTiKx says:

    great butt skirt you have on your titan there

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