Destiny 2: How To Solo WHISPER Mission / 6 Chests & Oracles / FULL GUIDE – How To Get ENIGMATIC Ship

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Soloing the Heroic Whisper Oracles & Chests – EASY GUIDE!
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21 Responses

  1. Henry Wang says:

    Wait after you get all 6 chests, like in this video do you wait til the timer runs out or you still have to beat the rooms?

  2. zack ready says:

    I suck & just finished it first try thanks to you – well done!

  3. Great video help me out alot!

  4. 100% worse jumper than you buddy ?
    Great vid cheers?

  5. W4YNE3D says:

    So did heroic version go aswell as mine isn’t there

  6. mh646 says:

    Hey ppl I have a question. Can you masterwork the exotic sniper in one day. By just running the strike over and over?

  7. BB16 GAMING says:

    U went the long way in the 2nd jump room ?

  8. Love your vids can i please win the custom controller

  9. slashthe2nd says:

    Do you need to complete heroic mode first before you get the blighted essence?

  10. Killer_ z53 says:

    I love doing it on my warlock

  11. speedy duck says:

    I just got my whisper but havent finished on Heroic quest, so my question is, can i go and do this video in my current state

  12. SNK NEO-GEO says:

    Bolocks to that mate.

  13. I'll be glad when today ends then all the comments about this re- skinned D1 weapon that's got the whole is this community hyped about, goes away. I'm glad that bungie is changing things for the better but sick of re- skins.

  14. Ashu Talluri says:

    What happens when you couldn’t get whisper of the worm this week

  15. JSRO says:

    Theres only 5 chests man.

  16. I lost my Destiny Disc.?

  17. Rember dancing at the tower on D1 with this guy and He tweeted about it …… good times

  18. savage bear says:

    Great guide.Will definitely be trying this evening. p.s. First!

  19. Kodoku says:

    Love your Videos ❤️

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