Destiny 2 | Infinite Nova Bombs (RIP MAYHEM)

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How to throw unlimited Nova Bombs in Mayhem Mode.

(Please Read!)

So I found this glitch off of a Reddit user on the r/DTG subreddit. You can view the original post here:

Anyway, you can only do this in Mayhem mode. Just equip Nova Bomb, the top skill tree, and switch your Button Layout to “Jumper”.

Just hold down your grenade button, then hit your…

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49 Responses

  1. JB3 says:

    For everyone issuing reports for this glitch, or worrying about a ban, here's a tweet from Dmg04, head of QA at Bungie:

    We are not restricting or banning players for taking advantage of this.
    Issue's on us, and we'll be looking to address it when we can.


    So Eat. My. Shorts.

  2. urvoid says:

    Where do I know the song from?

  3. BurningDsYr says:

    I thought I was going insane

  4. Lo Pan says:

    I just saw someone using this just a few minutes ago. I rage quit because I won't give that cheating prick the satisfaction anymore. I came here to see if there was a cheat and It's true.

  5. Jeff says:

    This song is gay as fuck dude..

  6. JP Cargill says:

    This is one of those glitches you can't pin on Bungie for ruining a game mode. If whoever found it just reported it to Bungie instead of letting hundreds of YouTubers make videos on it, then the game mode would be less broken. So blame the YouTubers.

  7. You did this for a video or like every other skill less bum uses it constantly?, it doesn't matter to me I Havoc smash warlocks daily using this garbage, and it should be an instant ban to anyone using this. Trash like this proves there's no skill in D2 when you run into whole clans doing it.

  8. cupcakepower says:

    This is why I dont like mayhem

  9. Wyatt B says:

    But thank you for making me aware of this.

  10. Wyatt B says:

    This is so annoying. I'm tired of losing games because of this stupid glitch, it just ruins the fun. I also don't want to take advantage of the glitch because it ruins the game for others. WAY TO GO BUNGIE. They don't know how to fix this broken game of theirs.

  11. if anyone has the Titan One usb device I made a script that changes your controller layout back to default and holding L1 perfectly executes the nova bomb everytime flawlessly it also has other features Check it out!

  12. Facts this happened to all day…. ppl are spamming it but I know a effect way to cancel them.

  13. Reborn Maul says:

    This isn't really that bad I was running through people who did this non stop. Know how to out play someone and your fine. Good teamwork easy win.

  14. Matt Grizzle says:

    Warlocks need a glitch to exploit to be any good…

  15. Hahahahaha.

    I'm coming for you, Shaxx.

  16. Clack Barto says:

    What utter horrible audio mixing..

  17. I deleted Titan just to make a Warlock for this shit.

  18. Honestly this is what mayhem is about in the first place so I really don't give a fuck

  19. Unmei Tobaku says:

    Bwhaahahahahah this is to much fun hahahahaha

  20. If u care about anyone else's fun on crucible, just please don't do this, however I don't give a crap about other people's fun because my parents didn't give a crap about my fun

  21. nate g says:

    I play as a hunter and all I can do is kill you from across the map as soon as I see you, this is totally unfair….

  22. I absolutely hate this about mayhem. Newly added gamemode turns to shit because bungie can't fucking fix it. Ruins mayhem so much

  23. You stole another YouTubers intro. Look up eso skyrim. His exact old intor

  24. Ryan Croy says:

    So YOU'RE the guy who ruined mayhem for over half of the players…

  25. kmungal says:

    this made me really sad… guess im playing warframe and fortnight for the holidays

  26. ThiccSolaire says:

    I love doing this in every match because I get lots of hate mail and I was honestly tired of constantly seeing Titans be able to survive everything I throw at them and hunters spamming tethers but now it’s our turn to be the assholes lol

  27. Ozymandias says:

    I haven't lost to any of the assholes who use this 🙂

  28. Myyythic says:

    I held down grenades button and pressed my super but nothing happened. Ended up wasting my nova bomb and infinite number of times wtf. HOW ELSE DO U DO IT ??

  29. Davethehorse says:

    I've been using this and its not crazy good on PC tbh, like its unlimited but people just turn on you too quickly and golden guns just melt through it.

  30. Take that nightstalker teather!

  31. Na people that are using them glitch are noobs I use dawn blade to annoy the noobs ??

  32. People really get salty about this.
    Played a game using it, mainly just cause I wanted to see what it was like.
    Lost the game, and yet I still got a little message declaring my a hacker.
    Dude called the glitch "Cheating" and decided to report me.
    So yeah, the salt was strong with that one.

  33. Good to see bungie messed up too

  34. Agamerfr0zed says:

    Destiny 2 is a broken piece of shit, this and shoving idiots off their power ammo looks really fun.

  35. McShab says:

    For the skill-less player “glitches.”

  36. Mason Lowe says:

    By brain just strangled itself.

  37. I see now. Prometheus Lens was fun and the best time in all of crucible, but as soon as something op is class specific then it's evil and bannable? That's laughable is you ask me.

  38. Frosty Hii says:

    Bro y mayhem isnt that fun any more

  39. Way to make a fun game mode terrible. Good on you.

  40. RHINO Martin says:

    Wow ppl love finding ways to make the crucible no fun again?

  41. Im just running around like an invisible ninja with a sword and my graviton. Dont get me wrong i dont get as many kills as everyone else but i dont die as much either you would be surprised how many people arent paying attention

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