Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid – Best Weapons!! Free Raid Loot

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Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid – Best Weapons!! Free Raid Loot

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My favorite Last Wish Raid Weapons are Chattering Bone and Transfiguration! What are yours?

Wish 4 to reach Shuro Chi Chest!

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24 Responses

  1. Don’t normally ask for subs, but would love to hit 10k this year! Any help from some fellow Guardians would mean the world!

  2. I got the Age old bond from the chest yesterday great video. Got boots last week they look cool on my hunter too i will do it with my titan with lion rampants on their great boots.

  3. The Supremacy is a D1 sniper rifle. Not sure if you already knew.

  4. Mr. Ruhl says:

    You can get 5 free raid chests every week if you have 1 of each character class. Map glitch the 1st chest on all 3 from dreaming city, then wish to morgeth and go back across the gap on lock and titan.

  5. Harry Jozeph says:

    Got the scout with rampage and kill clip together it's insane.
    Also the pulse with rampage and full auto is my main weapon for anything.

  6. ManOF War says:

    Josey when did you get all these weapons! Man, Destiny is kind to the streamers. ?

  7. Roshizzle731 says:

    Never done the raid but I’ve gotten all of the weapons from that chest except the bow.

  8. Nacho says:

    Thanks for this man I completely forgot about it. Got a nation of beasts with Outlaw Rampage and a range masterwork!

  9. Hey Josey, great upload and nice to hear that you sound much better, the honey+ginger magic. Any plans on streaming black armoury tomorrow?

  10. Razune Chan says:

    ?Still haven't gotten transfiguration..

  11. Noah Sykes says:

    The supremacy is great it is my go to sniper in pvp

  12. I got the chattering bone from the chest with range finder and rampage. I love it.I have 2 age old bonds with terrible rolls but I have 2 nation of beasts with decent rolls one has explosive payload and ambitious assassin and the other has opening shot and rampage,love em both.I also have a supremacy with genesis and triple tap which isnt great but its still a supremacy.Edit: i got all these from the chest I havent actually done the raid or any encounters yet

  13. not realy i dont have 5 friends to play with…

  14. Age-Old Bond is one of my favorites so far!!

  15. Luis Moya says:

    Also fusion rifle meh and bow is also meh cuz it only drops the curated roll

    Edit:for the chest before morgeth you need a warlock with top tree dawnblade while super active to cross the bridge

  16. Travis Lee says:

    Sooooooo.. my chattering bone has Outlaw Rampage and a 96 handling ? wouldn’t trade it for any other primary, including breakneck

  17. Special thanks to Christian for sharing the fresh raid checkpoint! I would still be stuck at Morgeth without his help!

  18. My favorite weapons: Chattering Bone and Transfiguration! What are yours? Skip to 05:47 for Shuro Chi wish to get weapons solo!

  19. Luis Moya says:

    Damn people be here fast

  20. Skip Long says:

    Just wait until you get that Apex Predator with Auto Loading Holster and Kill Clip, I have 4 of them. Don’t even need Thousand Voices anymore -_-

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