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Destiny’s sprung another leak! Now that Rise of Iron is out in the wild it looks like Bungie is gearing up to leave it all behind and get Destiny 2 going… and this time it might come to PC!


Written By: Eddy Rivas
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Ryan Haywood

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48 Responses

  1. Josh Hawkins says:

    destiny was good until roi

  2. toriamn90 el says:

    It's coming September 12th

  3. Harry Osborn says:


  4. So is it finally gonna be "everything you can see, you can go there" like that dev log lied to us and where the hell did that forest area go we saw in the trailer

  5. This actually makes me happy , I switched to PC am to have one of my favorite games come to it will make me so happy bruh

  6. Devon Smith says:

    Hopefully with project Scorpio the game can expand its limits and also I'm excited about a new start. I've put in too many hours tbh on my destiny 1 characters but I think new everything is a cool refreshing start for destiny 2.

  7. Destiny makes so much more sense on PC. Never understood how people can play shooters with controllers…

  8. Andres24J says:

    I have an idea to make that transition to a new character, so some rumors say that there will be a massive attack on the last city right? maybe we could start with our old characters and fight on the city helping to evacuate civilians and then these new enemies come into play and we die there, not before telling our ghost to find a new guardian? What do you think

  9. HYPSTON says:

    I am honestly against the drop of destiny 2 on pc, as much as I would love to play it on pc, I think it would be bad for the community. the unnecessary nerfs or buffs to weapons or armor that bungie will do because the difference in a controller vs a keyboard and mouse. a lot of people will say they will separate the nerfs and buffs from pc and console, but do you really think bungie is that intelligent to do that? they already ruined the crucible in destiny 1 making it almost impossible to play to the unbearable lag from skill based matchmaking, if they separate them from pc and console then have at it but if they don't, console will be forced to switch to pc to fully enjoy the game. Although some may not be able to afford a pc capable of running the game, making them suffer with the ridiculous nerfs and buffs on console. I love the idea if they are smart about it, but if not, it's gana be the downfall of their community…

  10. I still wish that Destiny 1 would come to PC.

  11. uck says:

    man hope it comes to steam

  12. Simone says:

    i wish they would make it cross platform but lol it will never happen

  13. jamie bond says:

    I have a good PC I use it for lol mods cs and paragon I like console better for story fps

  14. beasthunt says:

    Destiny was the biggest let down of my gaming career. Angry Joes review summed it up very well. I will be EXTREMELY cautious to get remotely excited for Destiny PC even if it comes to pc.

  15. oFiGuReZo says:

    Only trash nerds don't think anyone plays Destiny.

  16. Indie Denise says:

    Remember when Bungie said they would have free content?

  17. marino4691 says:

    I don't think it's coming to pc..

  18. Sephiroth says:

    I just hope Bungie lets us keep are characters. I hope Bungie delivers on their promise to make Destiny2 more expansive. The number 1 problem is the lack of content.

  19. Joseph Erwin says:

    that's a nice dragon shirt..

  20. Part of me is really glad I would have to start fresh.
    But part of me is sad that I won't be able to play with the stuff I've "earned".

    That being said I will still play it.

  21. David Hix says:

    Will my character Cary over form destiny I play it on Xbox one and I'll probably play destiny 2 on Xbox

  22. CheezyDrool says:

    Destiny 2 will be what Destiny was supposed to be…packaged in 5+DLCs and 10+ patches.

  23. If i can hop in and out super fast like i can with overwatch. Im down.

  24. Pepper says:

    nice jacket ashley

  25. technically they're trying to say is PC IS getting the exclusive DLCs after after that one year later the PS4 going DLC and then the Xbox going to get thE DLC to

  26. was it bungie who owned halo ce or was it someone else

  27. csnation says:

    Destiny 2 better run on 60 fps 1080p minimum for both consoles and PCs.
    And a proper FOV slider with PROPER graphical settings and ability to support Vulkan for PCs.

    But given Bungie's track record, I expect this not to happen (especially the latter 2). Ever.

  28. Bomb King says:

    55 million monthly users then he says "a game that nobody plays" good one

  29. Fixlarz says:

    If Destiny 2 comes to PC, I'm switching. I'm already on the fence because of Overwatch. 😛

  30. lol,it will be a broken mess and everyone knows it.

  31. ZREOVG says:

    I'm actually really surprised, I've gone through 200 comments/replies (I'm bored, k?) and not a single one said "people still play destiny". And now watch the first reply I get be that.

  32. You should've had Dinklebot's line, "You've awoken the Hive!" in the beginning.

  33. They need to find a way on keep the loyal fanbase happy AND draw in new fans. The loyal more than likely want to keep some time of token for their massive amounts of time spent in the old Destiny.

  34. Shmaxy says:

    time to spend 300 dollars in dlc 🙂

  35. sam smeltzer says:

    ive been playing the same re-skinned game long enough. its time to change EVERYTHING

  36. Our custom characters need some dialogue too. I want to hear my Titan say something already

  37. TeDz002 says:

    It's great bungee has finally discovered where the most profitable, smart market is.

  38. Spee Spa says:

    I don't have much time to play games. Red Dead Redemp and Skyrim are the only games I've played in the last 5 years, and they were amazing! Is Destiny or Destiny 2 worth my time?

  39. Quiz says:

    The fact its going to be on PC (hopefully) means I can actually be bothered to play again. When I found out I couldn't transfer my 360 character onto my PS4 I just all the way stopped caring and gave up.

  40. please please please go to pc

  41. blargh says:

    so destiny 2 is what destiny 1 should've been? I am happy to hear that.

  42. McGamer says:

    I would gladly support Destiny 2 if it came to PC and made use of PC system resources.

  43. Lrbearclaw says:

    I am expecting Destiny 2 will be on PC as an offshoot of the Xbox version as new Xbox One games will be coming to PC.

  44. Johnathan says:

    destiny is bad game sounds like its gunna be the same

  45. Knig says:

    I hope us console players get some recognition if the game moves to PC especially people like me with 3000+ hours played on it.

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