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Destiny 2 Tips

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40 Responses

  1. WiLLiSGaming says:

    Still working as of 24/12/2017 !

  2. Mscape 7777 says:

    Does it work in 2018?

  3. Doesnt work anymore they changed the loot you dont get engramms or tokens out of it

  4. Swiss Thrakz says:

    Is it still working? 11/24/18?

  5. N8havocYT says:

    Does this still work?

  6. Fire Blaster says:

    Is it patched now ?

  7. DAMN LEMON! says:

    still works 11/13/18, i have also figured out the chest doesn't respawn if there is another player in the same room as the chest is in, another thing about this is, it works, but the chest does not respawn sometimes, if you try again however it will work. I'm not sure how this happens but doing the route again and going through the teleporter should fix the chest and let it respawn.

  8. It does not work on 2018 November 11
    Its still spawn loot chests,but i tried 5 time in a row and just got glammer and some microphasic datalettice for Failsafe soooo…no items at all,no new side mission,nothing happened.Thats a maybe a problem if i just get out of the lootcave stand opposite the portal,waut 20 sec and than go in again?

  9. Tom Westling says:

    guys this is not working "/T%R GQUBNTGjwasegjshgb

  10. LEV1ATAN says:

    It's not patche, but dont gave me nothing good, just elemnt

  11. hey question here how the hell u have 99999999+ when the max is 100k?

  12. DrxppyJake says:

    This still works but is it just me or now do you only get datalettuce and glimmer from these chests? Do you need Forsaken?

  13. dragoo z says:

    No more it’s not working they put something eles

  14. I want see more vid like this they are helpful,thank you ?keep it up,

  15. Vfxswagg says:

    I'm getting nothing but datalattice.

  16. Pilotdino39 says:

    I believe it did work thank you

  17. xZyper says:

    Still worked but you don't get token but for farming other stuff it's work

  18. Ethan Visser says:

    He said EDZ token not Nessus token at 8:33

  19. Playing destiny with a halo back ground soundtrack

  20. Guys this is still working as of 16/9/18

  21. Rev Funk says:

    Still work??? Its kind of redundant…skipping the grind when ALL you do is grind in this "game" hahaha being OP can be fun too tho

  22. jeremi adams says:

    I was just f**** they're trying to open up the triangle f**** door to get my way in there and now I teleport out I have to teleport back in

  23. Judd Mosier says:

    I'm not getting tokens?? Any ideas?

  24. nakami says:

    still works. 3/9/2018

  25. I opened the chest in game just at the moment u did it in the video and I also got a legendary engram

  26. jjmah7 says:

    Yeah, this is gay.

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