Destiny 2. Masterwork Weapons! How To Get, Re-roll, & Craft Masterwork Weapons. (Masterwork Cores)

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Destiny 2. Masterwork Weapons! How To Get, Re-roll, & Craft Masterwork Weapons. (Masterwork Cores) ►Twitter:
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►Destiny 2. Masterwork Weapons! How To Get, Re-roll, & Craft Masterwork Weapons. (Masterwork…

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31 Responses

  1. Mesa Sean says:

    #MadeItToTheEnd Squad! Here is the reset kick off stream and I show a ton of the new stuff added with todays update: ? LIVE! Destiny 2. BIG CHANGES! (Masterworks Weapons, Gift Consumables, NO Dawning & More!

  2. Nathan Dally says:

    Trying to get to that PVE god mode

  3. Anybody doing this for infusion?

  4. StagecoachAl says:

    I don't have people to play with me but, Where are the Raids? and Where are the good strikes that actually drop legendaries instead of crap vanguard tokens?

  5. there has to be a faster way to get masterwork cores right…

  6. It's STILL shit.
    And I don't support games from developers that THROTTLE my EARNED EXPERIENCE towards in game rewards that they SELL FOR REAL MONEY to try to force people to buy it.

    If you're a YouTuber that didn't say Bungie was wrong for throttling exp towards the rewards they sell for real money yer a shill.

  7. It's been a while since I've seen one of your videos and this was a great one I agree on the turning things off for pvp

  8. Stunt Panda says:

    What happens if you infuse a non-masterwork with a master work? Does that make it a masterwork?

  9. Valkrill says:

    Don't agree with your perk idea about keeping it out of PvP but still keep up the good work.

  10. Sukmy Ass says:

    Love the new vegas reference

  11. Alex Torres says:

    I need like 30 but can’t get like 4

  12. Jay Jobbins says:

    Love the idea of feeling powerful again. Make you weapons yours

  13. If I have a vanguard weapon, does the advantage work in the crucible and vice versa?

  14. Question folks…if I've turned a weapon into a master work at 330 can I still add a +5 mod to it??? It doesn't seem like it. I think once it's made a master work it's stuck at the power level and mod it had already.

  15. Or you can be like me a do with what you got an collect multiple masterworks rather then just shatter them in hopes of getting one that you favor ?

  16. justtrolin says:

    Where can I find the master works list for energy slot perks?
    I want impact on my Marty's make..

  17. Better devils is trash ????

  18. Ps-4 Life ! says:

    You sound like Bruce Campbell especially in spider man one game prologue tutorial, I'll give you a like for that alone

  19. Daniel Deza says:

    I wish they would sell masterwork cores 🙁

  20. I added masterwork to the Guiding Star (Kinetic), geez it eats people! Added 5 range! if you like that gun i recommend it! try it out Mesa Sean

  21. G L says:

    Wtf? My guns need more than 100 cores

  22. So you need 320 or higher light.

  23. Icewarden says:

    I like the idea of turning off perks for pvp and getting to be as strong as we want in pve . And I wish they would give higher difficulty lvls kind of like the paragon lvls in diablo 3 for our pve so we don’t ever feel it’s not a challenge

  24. Kurt Nordli says:

    just a heads up you can get anywhere from 1-3 master work cores when you delete one master work weapon, i got 2 cores for one master work deletion the other day, looked it up and you can get as many as 3 cores

  25. Shakes itoff says:

    I've deconstructed 45 weapons that are masterworks and only got 9 cores. F destiny

  26. cwood99 says:

    I just got this masterwork cores and I’m unsure what they are used for?

  27. "It adds a grind" yeah but the activities are still boring as fuck after you done them more than a dozen times each. Why would I grind for something so minor and insignificant anyways. The reload speed is barely noticeable and granted the orb thing is okay but the grind in d2 is fucking boring

  28. Masterwork is pathetic just like the game and like the scummy developers and publishers.

  29. sedohrj87 says:

    been playing the shit out this since the update and have only had 1 masterworks drop for me, wtf

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