Destiny 2 – Nascent Dawn 3/5 Full Quest Chain (Masterwork Braytech RWP Mk. II Reward)

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Destiny 2 – Nascent Dawn 3/5 Full Quest Guide (Masterwork Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle Reward + Preview). How to get the Masterwork Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle Full Quest. Timestamps and details below.

00:00 – Step 1: Speak to Ana Bray who will give you Nascent 3/5 at reset. If you didn’t receive it, you need to have completed 1/5 and 2/5 first.

00:23 – Step 2: Complete 10 Escalation Protocol levels. You can just complete the first level 10 times, which is probably the…

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25 Responses

  1. BlaqMagiq99 says:

    how do i get another if i dismantled it?

  2. my sleeper node isnt there

  3. you cant fuse it in forsaken but you can everything else wtf bungie

  4. I have the quest step, but when I complete waves nothing happens. I've done 6 waves and still at 0/10

  5. Papa Dank767 says:

    Every time I do escalation wave they never count toward the quest

  6. the more i have to do this quest the more i dislike destiny. It as game where it goes "you don't have a fire team, WELL FUCK YOU"

  7. connor stout says:

    I got the ep in one day, it’s really just a matter of waiting till there’s enough people around you when you start it, took awhile but it’s doable

  8. I am kinda pissed find now. I did what you said, went on Reddit and asked, and people said the same thing for the first step. It is not working. Somebody please help me!

  9. Im screwed. No matter how many waves, they still wont count. Do I have to actually beat the Ogre?

  10. THUMPERz says:

    What shotgun is he using, in the beginning with the ogre?

  11. Every time I complete a wave it still says 0/10 need help

  12. Bence Magyar says:

    I do escalation waves but no progress. Whats the problem?

  13. josh healy says:

    What shotgun are you using in this video to kill the ogre?

  14. AzRBradleyy says:

    My escalation doesn’t even go up fffsssss

  15. if you dismantle the masterwork version will you lose it forever

  16. Levi Kelsey says:

    The first part isn't counting for me, and I'm 100% positive I'm doing it right

  17. otto says:

    1 bullet more after all this. what a joke.

  18. anyone else having the issue of the kills not showing for the masterwork version like I am :/

  19. Vincent Ruel says:

    Sorry if it has been asked before but does regular strikes count toward progression of step 3/5?

  20. vids2002 says:

    With the strikes, I wonder if they have to be heroic lol

  21. Sky Shazad says:

    thanks for video dude

  22. is anyone else having a problem with not getting EP waves done

  23. SportoPaul says:

    What kind of garbage quest is this!?! All that work for the same gun with one extra bullet!?! Thanks for nothin’ Bungie…..again !

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