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Destiny 2 News! Exotic Lumina Quest! Mysterious Crystals! New Secrets! Huge News! Menagerie Loot! Rune Combos! Engram Fail! Shadow Keep! September Expansion! Cross Save! E3 News! Google Stadia!




Check out this Destiny 2 Database for every single item in the game:…

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65 Responses

  1. Dredgen Zeta says:

    I've never been hyped for anything because of skepticism. You win, Bungie. I'm extremely hyped.

  2. Glen McInnes says:

    I wonder if they all used Xbox controllers while get getting fat stacks from Sony lmao

  3. Apollus says:

    I'm gonna reinstall im gonna buy forsaken and give this game a second chance

  4. Crash Gaming says:

    40 hours I beat that in 20 if that

  5. FMmayhem says:

    Bungie: what’s your worst fear?

    Me:vault of glass Atheon

    Sees Atheon in trailer ah shit here we go again

  6. sukerv says:

    1:11:24 well i guess im deleting my characters my highest is 504

  7. max mills says:

    Why does the new season of opulence have narrative by cayde if he's dead

  8. Is there cross-play between D2 and New Light?

  9. D grave says:

    The question thay shouldve been asked is how the new loght quest is done. Like do you do the whole d1 campaign and would that mean that d1 essentially is morphed into d2 to male one seemless game? Would that mean that all of the old gear is regrindable or is there a new ish story that you do.

  10. AKIRA NOKO says:

    Is anyone else bothered by the front lower half of the warlock armor sticking to legs or is it just me?

  11. Could of rehearsed that intro better lads.

  12. Doomtrigger says:

    Include forsaken in shadowkeep please….

  13. Alex Adams says:

    It be better with cross platform!

  14. D grave says:

    Katherine seemed very annoying and pushy. Like she didnt want to expand more of the stuff that didnt involve the moon

  15. As a PvE player who desn't know anyone else who plays Destiny, is shadowkeep going to make the in game Raid finder system viable?

  16. Jared J says:

    Wow Bungie, u have me addicted. Thank you for this.

  17. Destiny is life! I'm very anxious for this DLC??

  18. Toxic 2 Gods says:

    They could do like you "upgrade" your ship in edz to unlock new planets

  19. ItsEddie says:

    Can you just remove annual pass? I don't want to purchase season. I'd rather buy new DLC expansions tbh.

  20. Destiny 2 is a phoenix it's rising from the ashes of Activision blizzard

  21. Datto is so damn boring!

  22. Lea says:

    Steam <3
    I'll return from D1.

  23. VBM3D says:

    I love this game!

  24. I had given up on Destiny and then this releases. Wow, I want to play it so bad now, but it's also around the time WoW classic launches. WHY!?!?!?! I may have to pick Destiny 2…lol.

  25. Is it possible to get destiny to a point where we can have the choice to play in third person?

  26. Rouvark says:

    Destiny cross save CHECK.
    Destiny coming to steam CHECK
    Destiny becoming more rpg CHECK

    guess im coming back boys

  27. mistman1977 says:

    "We wanted to change up the Moon. So we built Barad-dur on it"

  28. Dangerna says:

    As only have time to play this game solo, you have really hamstrung us solo players and made our level cap hundreds below people that have the time to raid and raid or pvp pvp pvp, Also, Why does this game still have 5 minute load screens. I loved this game in the beginning but you have ground me to a halt and I doubt I buy any future DLC.

  29. Change Fireteam size to four please! And make it possible to counter supers again, Blade Barrage is 2-3 free kills with zero skill required.

  30. Rawdilz says:

    Gimme that glowhoo shader!!!

  31. I already got Khepri’s sting. It’s good

  32. RTMaday says:

    After Bungie’s vidoc, I’ve already forgotten about Opulence and am looking forward to Shadowkeep. ??‍♂️

  33. MetrislicA says:

    you know dismantle and discard aren't the same thing

  34. Been watching your videos for yrs I hope you have not gave up on your other channel @AlanConsole I enjoy watching both I look forward to D3 hopefully it's all that we wanted.

  35. Dangerna says:

    Dead ass game, if you don't raid or have just 5 people ready to grind with you at all time this game is a joke .

  36. Jimmy -kun says:

    I saw a shadow keep ad while watching this

  37. Can they stop giving us pvp exotic quests

  38. Caleb Dennis says:

    The rose quest just sounds like another last word quest

  39. badwolf1913 says:

    the first one i got was the one you were looking for lol..

  40. ItsMrWillis says:

    so im confused, if i pre-order the shadowkeep bundle on steam, do i get access to the rest of the content now or in september? been seeing both

  41. I got a encounter where I basically had to run the gauntlet

  42. Pluto Kidd says:

    Mannn I've been gone for a whole year…Waiting on Anthem, sheesh it's alot of ish to start doing.

  43. Me: Huh, a cool d2 news video.
    YouTube ads: Btw you hear about Destiny 2's Shadowkeep coming out?
    Edit: not one, but legit both the ads I got were shadowkeep.

  44. the year ones are not a complete waste not everyone was here for year one bro unlike your no life

  45. Don’t delete! play that back you got a cloak from this season

  46. jeepn says:

    Did you see the armor from everbitch. It had a new slot for mods

  47. There's also a gauntlet encounter in the new mode it's basically the same as the one from Leviathan

  48. AJ Todd says:

    If you use the titan bubble super you won't die to the barrier.

  49. yair hadad says:

    New quest fells hard a bit only the gambit part nothing else sound bad

  50. T.n says:

    There is also a gauntlet game mode!

  51. 9:07 he got opulence loot from a year one engram?

  52. OliAF says:

    Lol I got a d2 shadowkeep ad on this video

  53. Blank Stares says:

    I hate Bungie but I love Papa Console. Bungie just keeps recycling old shit in their "new" game and that's the aggravating part about Destiny 2. Also, the limits on the power I can get weekly is ridiculous. I have bills to pay, Bungie. I can't spend weekdays on Destiny 2 for hours on end to complete everything. Makes it near impossible to get leveled high enough to be able to do things for end-game type activities. And requirements for me to play retarded Crucible activities to get certain weapons… Give me some options to do which activity I want to earn the weapon or armor. I'm starting to think Activision was keeping Bungie in check on some things…. Not buying anymore Destiny garbage until they decide to do better.

  54. Best of year one engrams = shameless cash in …

  55. Jalke Peters says:

    Why they everhthing soooooo grindy i cant do it anymore……..

  56. Collectors Edition sounds good….. until you realise it costs $75-100 shipping to have it posted to you from the Bungie store ?

    Lets hope there’s a local retailer

  57. Kody C says:

    Fuck yeah bad juju y1 app day botch!! Third was always my favorite gun in year 1 even thru the nerfs suck a great gun this and the ice breather best guns ever yea the last word and thorn was huge these 2 killed them on their tracks

  58. SportoPaul says:

    I can’t wait……especially after what I saw on the vidoc!! I can’t wait to see you what you think about that. Luv ya papa…keep it comin.

  59. I hate the pursuit page. You dont know where anything is.

  60. Ur Boi says:

    3:55 is this boi shooting at the well sword

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