Destiny 2 News. EXOTIC CLUE! End Game, Drifter Ship/Reckoning Area Secrets, New Powerful Mods, Xur

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Destiny 2 News. EXOTIC CLUE! End Game, Drifter Ship/Reckoning Area Secrets, New Powerful Mods, Xur & More! ✅ Help support the channel by becoming a member!
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Destiny 2 Tips

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37 Responses

  1. Mesa Sean says:

    #MadeItToTheEnd Squad! See you tomorrow for Xur and watch…..he trolls us and does not bring any Forsaken Exotics! Also check out: ?Destiny 2. SECRET LIVE EVENT! Huge Nerfs/Buffs, Destiny 3, Hidden Bounties, New Quests & More!

  2. I already have a minor resist

  3. Hopefully the mods are useful…it's going to have to be very good damage resistance for me to give up super mods and such…wish I had some of those taken armaments from last wish but they never drop for me

  4. I'll have to try and mess with the gold balls and see what I can find…maybe a specific weapon to shoot it…or use a super on them, push them into the reckoning arena through the portal or something?

  5. I got a Boss Resist mod on an Illicit (tier 1) Reaper leg on my hunter. So, I think those other mods can probably also drop on even tier 1 armor.

  6. #madeittotheend can’t wait for bankrupt snakeface to disappoint us ❤️

  7. I thought about looking around the derelict but I've been too excited to go into the reckoning…thanks for the tip man!

  8. D-man Awd says:

    Telesto is really good

  9. Trayvon Byrd says:

    Why would u want the thorn for us to figure it out … look what happened with the last forge ….. exactly

  10. miko regan says:

    Void? Iv got rotating element damage

  11. Phawnix says:

    Sadly I didn't find Gambit prime or The Reckoning all that interesting )=

  12. logan french says:

    Garunteed you will have to go to the shard of the traveler to start thorn quest.

  13. What if we use tractor cannon? for the golden orbs

  14. MrAlbie1970 says:

    Anyways with what I wrote about below favorite thing to do with that load out is jump into a 4-5 pack of enemies and swing at the shielded one before I land , with those syntho reach punch it's a one punch deal while surrounded then the other 3-4 get melee as well's so sweet . It don't work as well in gambit but in free play and strikes …heroic public events I can do by myself . Or another fun thing with the syntho bottom arc tree that is waaaay fun is to do the same jump into a death pile and fire Telesto on the way down , then swing . So Satisfying

  15. Jay Di says:

    Major mods can drop on the illicit gear.

  16. Corix says:

    I got one of the mods when I got some of the armor from the reckoning

  17. MrAlbie1970 says:

    What I really like about this game lately is that there are so so many good weapons to choose from . They are all viable now depending on rolls and the good ones are great . I'd like to see this vanguard scout I heard about

  18. I know about the files for the orbs in the reckoning and anything you could say about me making a good YouTube channel

  19. MrAlbie1970 says:

    Xur needs to come off the goods from last season . I just need a few .

  20. MrAlbie1970 says:

    Graviton rocks …period. Sunshot rocks..period . Telesto rocks …period pick one or something you like because bygones is so much fun to use with rampage and rally shield . I m fucking unstoppable rocking Titan arc bottom tree , synthos. Try it and you will learn the ways my friend …with a good team behind me it's pretty badass .

  21. MrAlbie1970 says:

    Mesa bro I just got the meatball . Regular gambit is cool now , tied matched go straight to a primeval . Anyways I just got the meatball done and 25 taken yellow kills on Petra's planet and am excited to be getting stuff even if it's a season late idc. Decent rng except the stuff we want . Btw, the exotic shotgun that's like a pulse rocks now , better than acrius . Easier to use , fun stuff…

  22. OM3G4 10000 says:

    OMG it's the flood, The Flood is coming to D3 ooh noooo lol

  23. Harry Nguyen says:

    I already got major resistance lol.

  24. Dostow says:

    i want to see something like whisper of the worm for thorn obviously not the same but similar how you discover it

  25. Tractor cannon would be great for this

  26. JeVon Knight says:

    Basing a whole DLC around Gambit is so disappointing. Can't enjoy Gambit or Gambit prime without a full squad. There needs to be some type of lvl based matchmaking or something. And time gating the content doesn't equal more content. Limiting players until tier 3 just makes me not want to play anything until everything is available. There's no PvP update so there's nothing to do until then.

  27. I hope the drifter gives u the gjallarhorn like i found this weapon when you lost your vault or sum shit lol

  28. James Murray says:

    Nice info again man. Always use my Graviton Lance. Cheers.

  29. I found 4 pieces of lore there

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