Destiny 2 News – FORSAKEN IS A FAILURE?! – Season 5, New Super Buffs & More

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Activision states Destiny 2 Forsaken didn’t meet expectations!

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38 Responses

  1. Randy says:

    Why forsaken is a failure!
    Destiny fanboys: If you don't like it, don't play it.
    Destiny old fan base: OK 😀

  2. ok can some please tell me you can still get wishender and malfeasance in season 5

  3. anacondav12 says:

    It's not Bungie fault it's activision fault if they gave BUngie the freedom i think destiny will be a great game but now it is like f2p game

  4. JayBro says:

    Really need forsaken but I really don’t want to buy the game:/

  5. Still need forsaken play station 4

  6. Dark3ider says:

    I’m close to getting redress broadsword on 4/5 reset ranks what will happen?

  7. Dark3ider says:

    All I want is just some forsaken exotics

  8. ;-; i really want gambit

  9. Forsaken not a failure your channel is a failure

  10. T-MANtheHERO says:

    Just to clarify for anybody confused. Activision didn't say that the GAME didn't do well, the premises they're basing the success off of is the amount of micro transactions made . It's based solely off of that number alone. The quality of the game and it's consistent hours played were not taken into account of Acitivison's overview of D2 Forsaken.

  11. Zac Berg says:

    Great job at reading patch notes until you break 10 minutes. If you have to beg for people to subscribe and turn on notifications in every video then you are doing something wrong.

  12. I'm so glad I saw this video. I had no idea that Season 4 was ending so soon! I'm 250 points away from Fabled in Comp and have all the other quest steps completed. Luna's Howl is within my grasp, I just gotta grind it out

  13. I wish I had forsaken

  14. One forsaken exotic in 400 hour on forsaken.. reach level 600 one month ago.. now I m playing only crucible.. pve is so boring and useless right now..

  15. Still see nothing about nerfing nova warp or telesto smfh 🤦🏾

  16. IM A Jr. says:

    I just miss d1 style of play…. everything about it all the way down to the color contrast and the customization. Everything in d1 feels and looks better. I think bungie outdid themselves with d2 by adding unnecessary content like bows and sub machine guns, switching up the weapon slot system, and making trials 4v4. The raids are not even fun, they are to complicated and mechanic based. Nightfalls are not rewarding at all. Exotics dont really feel exotic. The multiple shader system. Masterwork cores. Armor is really ugly and the color is dull. Snipers have these weird scopes. We cant customize our super like we did in d1. And thats just some i though off the top of my head.

  17. Carl Kinton says:

    Most definitely D2 is in a better place now

  18. So no changes to the seals and their rng great (great is said with a mwtric f*ck ton of sarcasm)

  19. Are my valor resets going to reset back to zero for the last step of the Redrix's broadsword quest when season 5 starts?

  20. Activision is ruining my Favorite game.

  21. Reem says:

    Can someone tell when the buff for spectral blades comes out ?? PLS

  22. "xbone one x is the most powerful console on the planet" lmaoo i call total B.S. Xbox IS the worst console on the planet

  23. Mathen Veloz says:

    Let’s hope bungie will be ok

  24. Kitsune Fox says:

    Activision equals a bad game, they don't give a crap on what we like they are just money-grabbing a-holes.

  25. It was a failure because they lost trust in year 1 of d2. Destiny has become well….kinda a joke and a demonstration of what not to do to a game now.

  26. Yo i got the two tailed fox on the crucible

  27. yousif naghi says:

    You are the reason garbage one you are the reason destiny 2 is bad😊 have a happy weekend

  28. Distxlled says:

    Got a queensbreaker from a harpy lol

  29. ninjad3 says:

    I still haven't gotten an exotic weapon not from a quest and no new exotic armor

  30. Black ops 4 was a failure to them too. Activision is just greedy

  31. you know what would help? minimum raise bump, then people could afford games again.

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