Destiny 2 News | Incoming Developer Commentary about Destiny – Bungie CANCELS Curse of Osiris Stream

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Destiny 2 News | Incoming Developer Commentary about Destiny |

Very interesting move, we’ll see where it goes.

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15 Responses

  1. i4nix13 says:

    Never understood why they left the best parts of Destiny out of D2 (well I do, it was for selling more copies to those who wouldn't play as often as the die-hards) and just expanded onto what made Destiny successful in the first place. I do like some of the features in D2, like a bigger world, more public events, and lost sectors but after you do the raid once or twice, get all the exotics and do the story missions, there's literally nothing else left to do. I've only played D2 over the past 3 weeks because some members in my clan wanted to run the Nightfall.. beyond that and after we did it, I was back on Destiny grinding after Zen Meteor (which I finally got) and still need 2 exotic raid weapons in Kings Fall and Wrath of the Machine. Also need Fabian Strategy. Not bad for a nearly 4 year old game to go back to and have a reason to play it whereas I have every exotic and no reason to grind 2 months after D2 releases..

    I'd always grind in Destiny to get that perfect Imago Loop or Grasp of Malok, or better gear with better stats. Now all the gear and weapons are all the same, can't get different roles or perks so what's the point? They should have built into D2 what made D1 successful is all I'm saying lol going against the grain and making it a "new game" as opposed to "continuing the story" left a lot of die-hards and people who supported the game with time, money and energy behind.

  2. Daniel Davis says:

    Not to be negative but wasn't Luke Smith and Mark Knowsworthy supposed to do a Q and A session during the stream to answer community concerns anyways? Almost sounds like they are embarrassed to address these issues in person and I would be to since they have let it fester this long. To me they took the chicken shit way out and decided to give us a blog post, lol.

  3. Incognito says:

    they know their game is in trouble with their very questionable decisions with D2. by taking everything away from the game that kept people playing D1. with their quest to make the game more accessible/easier for everyone, they alienated the hardcore Destiny gamers. very bad decision by Bungie

  4. Kevin Bacon says:

    This TBL voice is also acceptable. You should do some recordings before your voice reverts back to it's original state. Just saying, lol. But back on topic, I am very happy with this decision from Bungie, but I desperately need to here that we will be seeing some of the community requested changes in the near future.

  5. bsoverns says:

    So disappointing on so many levels.

  6. Brian says:

    Good. I really don't want to see new weapons and gear. I'd rather grind for it. They keep spoiling the game, leave us something to look forward to.

  7. Joe Williams says:

    They seen what happened with EA Star Wars Battlefront 2.

  8. AstroCyborg says:

    much respect to tbl for being one of the few guys who states his honest opinions

  9. someone at bungie is being told off

  10. NICKXH says:

    No need to apologise for your voice. I think you hit the nail on the head and your voice sounds even more sexier now

  11. Strung Up says:

    People really enjoyed the state of the game (maybe not pvp) at the end of D1. They took all those systems that they improved over 3 years and flushed it all away.

  12. Headfonic says:

    God this farm music ?

  13. Martijn Boer says:

    I like this change because it means they are listening to the community. Hopefully they wil be doing some major changes

  14. Gumdropz says:

    Good, they'll need more than the dlc to save the game at this point.

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