Destiny 2 News – MORE RETAIL LEAKS! Collectors Edition, Pre Order Bonus, Xbox Beta & PC Platform

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Destiny 2 News – Retail Leaks Showing Pre Order Bonuses, Collectors Editions, Xbox & PC Platforms



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50 Responses

  1. Lichtjahr says:

    if I got the limited edition for the PC, will I get a key or just a disc

  2. Watomy 294 says:

    A few questions for Unknown Player. First, do you think that we will be able to get old exotics like The Last Word, No land Beyond, or Twilight Garrison from new exotic engrams? Second what happened to the Reef, LIght house, Iron Temple, and other old social areas? Third, do you think the game will be across console? Finally, how do you think the Leveling and Light leveling system, if there is one, will work, the same or different. I hope you do reply to this, I have asked a few friends and they also would like to know these answers.

  3. I have a theory about why Cayde is carrying that Wrench with him: what if during the cabal attack Amanda Holiday was murdered by the Cabal and the wrench is the only thing he has to remember her by, and it would explain why we see him drinking at a bar during the attack and why Commander Zev had to save him almost being shot by a Cabal


  5. elderbinks22 says:

    the first leak you showed for gamestop is under nintendo switch category…

  6. stores like gamestop do get posters and shit like that early, so workers are the one leaking it

  7. Alan Nights says:

    So Pre-Order only in GameStop ? I mean…
    f*ck me, we don't have GameStops in Poland :V

  8. Praying we can play guardians without helmets!

  9. RG 12 says:

    Well we had our happiness in destiny one, this game I reckon the cabal will invade earth, annihilate the tower, and a large amount of fallen and hive. We may ally with some fallen, get to explore some settlements outside of the city and maybe see some new factions, houses or enemies. I'd honestly love in destiny two if we had much more customisation and more things to do at a social space, maybe like futuristic darts or arcade machines or something ahaha. Just my thoughts

  10. R.E.X says:

    People still play destiny?!

  11. Lexxielex says:

    I hope that if I buy it for the One that it'll transfer everything over to the Scorpio with a heavy discount for purchasing it on the newer console. Somebody did that before for some game, I just hope they do. I also hope that It's a truly new game, since I'm getting it on the One/Scorpio this time and not the 4.

  12. thomas ebers says:

    They're going to reveal destiny 2 officially soon as the amount of 'possible leaks' same happened with rise of iron

  13. martingru says:

    Norway,Sweden same results at GameStop's website.

    There is not going to be 60fps, Pro is to weak ,look at Horizon Zero Down its singleplayer only and targeting 30fps ,yes it's "4K" but even with 1080p No chances for 60fps (rumored some Pro patch in near future ,but don't expect 60fps -even Guilera devs are no magicians:)

    IMHO PvE on consoles will be 30fps but PvP can be in 60fps beacuse it's not so taxing for hardware (look at Uncharted 4) and second, if both PC and consoles PvP are 60fps it's going to be seamless experience and I think this is what Bungie wants -its better for optimisation since consoles are in x86 same as PC .

    In PvE I prefer 30fps with some good visuals and bigger and interconnected world instead 60fps only and poor everything else ,I don't want to play PS3 game on ps4 again for years to come :/

  14. I bought Destiny on Xbox 360 and preordered so I played it since day 1. but bought it on my ps4 after R-o-I.. Should I buy it on Xbox 1 or PS4?? Not buying on PC because it will end up like GTA V after 2-3 years.

  15. Freddo 1517 says:

    i really dont care that you cant get gamestops in england but still im going to preorder from a gamestop in ireland because they have them there! Tell me someone else is doing this too 🙂

  16. Things we need in destiny 2
    1. Story of osiris
    2.cabal invasion
    3. What's inside the traveller and more details about the speaker

  17. look better at the gamestop website its voor the switch

  18. Mike Wright says:

    just had a random thought maybe you can help ?
    bungle have said they have a new more reliable and faster game engine is this one they have done from scratch ?


    knowing what acti are like for sharing stuff between dev houses to get things done quicker and faster have acti given bungle the cod game engine that sledgehammer supposedly brought with them when they signed up to make cod ?.

  19. Time to waste more money…

  20. we have to buy another game ffs. why not just slap on another big ass nigga bite dlc

  21. all i want for destiny 2 is 60 fps and tickrate of 60 i was so fuckin tired of being shot through walls, thats why i quit destiny 1. Also handcannons to not be shit or have to compromise something with them when accuracy is ok, a return of Hawkmoon and/or Suros regime.

  22. CAESAR 29E says:

    what bout projet squpeo ps pro

  23. Rooster2628 says:

    Fake cover art looks stupid.

  24. Junk Rato says:

    Hooray more exclusives ?

  25. sendo427 g says:

    I'm hoping they r not taking helmets away because I was thinking about it I remember bungee saying that the only thing that's going to carry over to destiny 2 was the way we customized r guardians faces in the beginning of the game and then in that poster all three of them don't have helmets just their face I'm hoping that that's not going to happen only because my guy looks like shit I was lazy and picked the first face,so I'm really going to look like a idiot lol lol

  26. Y it say switch on German website

  27. deniz esen says:

    dude, you were legit till you said 60 fps. it wont fucking work like that. destiny 1 didn't get a 60 fps patch because it would be unfair to matchmake people with different screen refresh rates. imo destiny 2 gonna be 30 fps for sure, at least for the pve part.

  28. Robert Smith says:

    Hopefully they dont do what they did with destiny and cut off the dlc for the previous console so I wont have to worry about getting a completely new console when it first comes out

  29. Ivel Kimber says:

    999 to 1000 likes, I've never seen how it changes in person before…

  30. How would ps4 pro 60fps work when it's online only game,
    Would the servers not lower the game back to 30fps due to not being allowed pro servers only?

  31. milan-hoi says:

    What's up with everyone talking about fps? I'm 100% sure if I played gameplay with 50 fps and 60 fps, no one would see the difference!

  32. bronze189 says:

    Getting it on pc no matter what.i don't care for any amount of content as long as I can have a steady 60fps+ and 1080p graphics.

  33. milan-hoi says:

    I live in the netherlands and I've never bought a game for €60,77. Who does that? It's just a normal 60€/70€ buy usually

  34. Icicle says:

    I'm just glad that Destiny 2 is releasing on PC. I love Destiny but I'm getting tired of playing on shit consoles.

  35. Would this be a good time to switch from Xbox, to pc??

  36. I Polaris I says:

    destiny 2 on xbox scorpio… FUKIN BOIZ

  37. PS4 Pro Destiny 2 Bundle!

  38. hey dude been watching ur videos for over 3years now really enjoying the content and destiny build up.Its thanks to u I found this game and u helped me find all the ghosts and eventually I was hooked,been a crazy ride looking forward to the future of this game and great content from ur channel please keep it up bro;)

  39. I like Destiny but, I ain't paying $120 for the LE. Probably gonna buy the normal edition

  40. so beta will be around mid-to-end August

  41. Will the vex be available when the update comes out? Or do we need to wait till the 28th when the adept weapons come out?

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