Destiny 2 – Nightfall: The Arms Dealer – Full Strike Clear Gameplay (Two Man)

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Destiny 2 – The Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike Completion Gameplay – Full Clear. Modifiers are: Prism, Timewarp: Killing Time (Shown in video + full details below). Quick video showing the new Nightfall + Strike “The Arms Dealer”, a full clear and walk-through of the entire strike. This was our first time doing this strike so we weren’t too sure what to expect. Killed it on the second attempt, the first time we were just short.

Details for each modifier:
Prism: Basically gives you a…

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49 Responses

  1. Carson Riley says:

    The Cabal ship isn’t a base. Technically u could call it a mobile base, or a dreadnought…

  2. Carson Riley says:

    Also, if u look Fallen Marauder, it kind of looks like a Predator, because, it’s carrying the Predator blades in it’s bottom 2 hands, and holding a rifle in it’s upper 2 hands…

  3. Carson Riley says:

    I think Destiny 2 has longer story missions, and shorter strike missions than the first one…

  4. Zerosoldier says:

    Is this like a story mission strike or something because whenever I click on the strikes tab I've only ever played two different strikes over and over ???

  5. RICHWJACK says:

    Can we do nightfall my psn is: richwjack

  6. K Primo says:

    Very good video. This Nightfall is tough, gonna change my choice of weapons. Gonna walk with a sniper

  7. TenguAlpha says:

    How the fuck do people do this with 5 minutes remaining to get the Rat King?

  8. T 26 says:

    267 Warlock Here add my psn JustSmileMan

  9. C Saez says:

    What was the point of wearing the Mask of the Quiet One when you didn't have Sentinel equipped?

  10. first attempt we got to the boss but just not enough DPS… that solar handgun with arc nades and void sniper/power is what we didn't have a good grasp on. I went in at 262 so should have been okay. lot of chaos in these strikes; I like 🙂 
    Thx for the video.. i have to start a hunter now to snag that weapon

  11. That god damn timer is screwing me over, can get him down to about half of his last bar but time just always runs out. I'm at LL 269, team-mates were at 247 and 261 when we're trying

    Also at 7mins 11 seconds in the vid, if you go left when you run out the hanger door you can jump up onto the ramp into the ship. There's a smal rock face you can jump on, then jump from that on to the ramp. You'll be hidden behind crates so enemies on the ramp cant hit you and you'll sneak behind em. Shaves a few seconds off easy

  12. LeonSkillsXB says:

    Did Bungie find a way to stop Eso from soloing Nightfalls? I don't believe so!

  13. Michael says:

    your constantly use your hand cannon at past effective range , even thou you have a scout equipped ??

  14. So nobody is going to ask tf are those +2 feeds after each kills? I guess its the replacement for D1's score after each strike kill? But why seconds? Is it to add more time for the extra rewards timer at the end or something?

  15. Adam James says:

    Back at it again! So glad to see you, and your crew 2 manning, solo, etc. Favorite content right here!

  16. You actually did something NOT solo?? Still impressive nonetheless! 🙂 Btw, I love what they did with the Titan jumps. It's like they infused some Warlock into em 😉 I'm referring to the long jump. And the roaming Sentinel and Striker supers are awesome! >:} A definite improvement and proves yet again: Titan master race. 😉

  17. 13:10 shoulder charge is still over powered as hell i see lol

  18. Kylo says:

    How do you unlock the nightfall??

  19. Javon Hewitt says:

    Yall niggas talkin a bout how to do it but a warlock and a titan with a rally barricade and empower or healing rift is op asf

  20. Where do you get your weapons please?

  21. Brusky says:

    How do you unlock the nightfall? My light is 240 and it tells me milestone not yet reached and below it it says not available yet something about beta and I did every milestone so far except the crucible ones do I have to do them to unlock them?

  22. omegalul kms says:

    Do i have to finish the campaign to have access to strikes?

  23. DJ YTP says:

    This wait for the PC version to drop is going to kill me. Especially seeing all these nightfalls and strikes and the raid soon, I want to experience it in 4k but we have to wait two fuckin months

    All I'm have to say Bungie is come on brotha

  24. James Choi says:

    Wow awesome job guys… you guys r the first youtuber from I subscribed did the nightfall with two man….

  25. Carson says:

    Anyone know what to do specifically to unlock the nightfall? I am 236 power so thats not the problem- just need to know the milestones to get.

  26. tommyirish86 says:

    That shoulder charge on the dogs<3

  27. After you kill the Colossus before the tank room you can Sparrow in between to save some time.

  28. mgfox says:

    IDk did that feel rewarding? Like I don't understand the value of all the items that were dropped. The old Nightfall always seemed so…insulting because the drops were so random.

  29. Axel Fuentes says:

    How you unlock the Hunter weapon? And the exotics?

  30. JustA Player says:

    F######@@@@÷$&$£×£##£ck not even 24 hours and hi is 260 and 2 man the NF

  31. Dustin Lear says:

    Wait… if this is the Nightfall why did it not reset when they were both dead at 21:45? Did something change with Destiny 2 regarding that?

  32. Tyler G says:

    Can you explain the Prism modifier? How do you know what the "focused element" is?

  33. Am I the only one wondering wth is one his head?

  34. Hhaha niiiiiice man……

  35. 266 ahahahah I am at 23 though I wont finish the game 2 weeks in so there is always that…

  36. rad says:

    what is your sens in game?

  37. Impressive like all ways my friend

  38. MUITO BOM LEGAL abraços!!!

  39. Huzzi Bhai says:

    Unfortunately i cant afford it??

  40. badbadfull says:

    how do i unlock the nightfall? what does advance milestone mean?

  41. all I can say is this…Beast! Good job bro, also is there any chance of uploading all the lost sectors, treasure maps & regional chests if you have time of course?

  42. This is what I was waiting for!!! Awesome man!

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