Destiny 2 Niobe Labs Review: A Broken Puzzle AND Delusional Fanboys.

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27 Responses

  1. Bungie: What's testing…. Oh… we're supposed to do that?

  2. But Joker!!! Where was Joker A. Fanboy this video? That would have been perfect.

    Seriously though, good video.

  3. James Clark says:

    "You Fucking What Mate" absolutely nailed it 🙂

  4. João Sousa says:

    The conspiracy theory makes as sense as Bungie not testing. Bungie was surely looking at live streams , so even if they didn’t test the content they would have seen from the live streams that something was missing. And yet they took 2 days to confirm it was missing? Doesn’t make sense either. It’s anyone’s guess because no explanation adds up. You do have the annoying habit of calling other people stupid, all the freaking time, and that’s starting to really annoy me.

    Just state your opinion , and stop with the insults. Doesn’t make you look smarter, It just shows a lack of emotional intelligence. You are a professional entertainer and yet you keep running the risk of insulting/alienating your audience.

  5. More rubiks cube, less action?

    Every bit of news coming out just validates my decision to not spend money on this annual pass.

    Everyone who did, did so not knowing what they were getting, and basically handing Bungie their money for Bungie to give them broken shit and any old crap in return.

    If you got the annual pass, then you're part of the problem with this game. Giving Bungie money without full knowledge of what they're going to put out as content… STUPID!

  6. Streamers/ YouTubers are cancer.

    You're just mad you couldn't solve it

  7. jesse bijl says:

    Why? This was an amazing attempt from bungie to let the community help eachother. And they did! Look at all the streams, raidsecrets was blowing up. It was amazing. This wasn’t a failure but an great idea that was a tad bit difficult

  8. But ! now they are done with Activision … now we gonna get good shit

  9. Strike one without activision to blame
    Bungo great start in the first couple of weeks

  10. The whole puzzle was such a disaster Is not even funny. Is sad watching the start of a strean, coming back 12 hours later and STILL watching how some sleep deprived guys are banging their heads against a wall and going into denial becouse how much time was wasted on a non-functioning mess

  11. Its been a minute since ive watched the working as intended meme, I missed it

  12. Agent Wilde says:

    I knew I wasn't the only one complaining about the ceiling. It's just like in Looney tunes on how the characters still use the front door of the house when the rest was blown into bits.

  13. Really hope they go back to DLC's like Foresaken and do away with annual passes cause they suck.

  14. Novad selir says:

    It’s a good thing I’m still on my DBS Broly high or those fan mental gymnastics would have irked me.

  15. shrugs

    I haven't bothered with Destiny in 2 weeks now? The time gated content really killed it for me once I hit max light and had nothing further to grind for. I already got a god roll blast furnace… so what else do I need? More reskin/recycled Iron Banana armor?

    I did enjoy it while it was fresh, but it quickly grew stale having to wait… and wait.. and wait.. without any real campaign for it or story.

  16. surge me says:

    I was looking forward to anthem but it's 3rd person can't stand 3rd person and a ton of friends won't get it because it's 3rd person remember Oblivion you could press right stick and go back and forth from 1st to 3rd person and how many yrs ago that came out knocking on 20 I think wtf is up with developer's today

  17. Army Bear says:

    Oh how I have missed the Dancing Deej.. Been awhile

  18. LadyX555 says:

    LOL it’s all Activision‘s fault. Bugie is just greedy and lazy af. This franchise is a zombie I refuse to support it not now and not in the future. So glad I did not pick up Forsaken nor any of the season passes.

  19. Like the video. But like how you say "Stay frosty" when you where roasting lol again top video as always

  20. The Stampede says:

    Yo Joker… You're always on Xbox but I don't want to harass you… Do you accept game invites? Lol

  21. Begone Thot says:

    Was it a puzzle room or something?

  22. When a puzzle takes longer to solve, than any raid in Destiny history: the community didn't fuck up, Bungie fucked up.

  23. You're making me feel good about not buying the annual pass. ♥️?

  24. gonado says:

    Oh crap the last word is going to be terrible. I have a better rolled trust

  25. Pablo668 says:

    I stopped playing almost a year ago now i think. Glad you're still playing so I don't have to.

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