Destiny 2 Rat King Exotic Weapon Guide, Rat King Crew Quest

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In this Destiny 2 video, I show you how to get the Rat King exotic sidearm. First you have to complete the world quests on Titan after you beat the campaign. This will give you the rat king crew quest that has you beat 4 riddles. You will need 1 other person with a rat king or doing the rat king quest. The first will have you complete 3 patrols, the second has you complete 2 public events, the third is 2 crucible matches and the last is to complete the nightfall with 5 minutes left on the…

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10 Responses

  1. I am needing help on the Lac Rat King Quest I can't find anybody to do it can you help I am on Xbox One

  2. The Roman says:

    i need help bc i have only a few friends on xbox and they dont play destiny 2

  3. Zenobeus says:

    Very quick and to the point, thumbs up.

  4. I need help to complete the rat King

  5. Zyurg says:

    Short and simple video, best one I’ve seen unlink other destiny pages where they take 20 mins to explain one thing.

  6. Yo I need some one I'm at the start
    Psn LuX_CLuCH

  7. My problem is I have no one to play with. It was even like that for Destiny 1. I never completed a Raid on Destiny 1 because I would go to an LFG site and someone always messed up or left.

  8. Wheels LaRue says:

    Does all 3 players need to be on the same questline or is 2 good enough?

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