Destiny 2: Secrets of Titan Movement

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We break down the different movement styles and tricks of the Titan class in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 Tips

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27 Responses

  1. Sauce kami says:

    What button do you press to do the charge in the air with the knee I'm tryna learn that, btw I'm a titan noob btw lol never realized how dope they are of a class

  2. Really the best video in that toppic. The split screen is awesome. Keep going thumbs up

  3. Quick425 says:

    I Appreciate the effort you put into this. A Couple critiques however. Obviously you mentioned about Titan skating . that does not exist. The only reason why it's going further and faster than the other jump is because of strafe lift. Strafe lift with gives you better directional control which makes you jumping in directions faster. Secondly I want to say something when you're talking about distance. High jump is not giving you further distance. I had to rewatch your video multiple times in case I was wrong . strafe lift is definitely giving you more distance. You may want to recant this video

  4. Guoenyi says:

    I remember catapult was the best in D1 but in D2 it is useless….

  5. Glenn Ford says:

    I almost thought you knew what you were talking about, then I seen you were wearing the aeon gauntlets. Hence anyone who wears those is not someone I should listen to! Lol

  6. Aizen Sosuke says:

    you can't titan skate on D2 period. You really wanna showcase titan skating, the closest you'll get to it is by using strafe or catapult with Lion's rampant.

  7. eightsixlife says:

    LOL Just me or did anyone else read the thumbnail as "TIT AN"

  8. SparrowHawk says:

    Catapult lift is only really good if you use it with Lion Rampart.

  9. Greg Steele says:

    What? I came here for Tit an Movement. Dude, learn to adjust the kerning on your damned fonts!

  10. Mez347 Games says:

    Cool video man. Keep up the great work! Glad I found this channel.Subbed!

  11. DAT REVERZE says:

    And here I am wondering what f**** Titan looks like a guardian.

    I'll wait.

  12. Chex says:

    just came by to say Hunter master race

  13. It might help if you breath in between sentences so we don't have to hear that annoying sound while your trying to speak… Just saying

  14. Leavzar says:

    Its better to just hold the jump button when titan skating

  15. Chris Wall says:

    Maybe consider talking about to the benefits of the knee slide, and shoulder charge during the striker super?

  16. LowMan Josh says:

    Lol control isn't in d2 it's strafe lift

  17. Robert Jones says:

    So do you think catapult jump is good for anything?

  18. First off it’s strafe lift not control. And second there is no Titan skating in D2

  19. Have you compared just nornal sprinting to strafe lift skating? I don't see how destiny 2 skating would be faster than sprinting nornally, especially with dune marchers… i thought they removed titan skating anyways?

  20. Damn my only skimming over titles, I thought this would be about the movement speeds/abilities of Titans, just not for Destiny

  21. AAANNDDD shoulder charge got nerfed! Feelsbadman

  22. Carlos says:

    Can u do a hunter movement video?

  23. Dr. Phd says:

    I lefit thought this was about titanfall2

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