Destiny 2 | THE FORGE UPDATE & RANKS REWORK! DLC Pre Load, Content Locks, Season Changes & Rewards

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Destiny 2: FORGE Update, Black Armory Pre Load, Ranking Rework, Mystery Exotic, Season 4 Locked Content, DLC Weapons & More! (Season 5 & Black Armory DLC Info)

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27 Responses

  1. xHOUNDISHx says:

    It looks like next week will be the only quiet week before the end of the year! I'm really looking forward to the update week 😛 What are you guys hyped for?

  2. Flaming gambit chip? Isn’t Mayhems symbol a bit fiery? Mayhem style Gambit???

    I’m in.

  3. autoscripts says:

    so i bought the forsaken DLC 3 weeks ago and now i wanna upgrade it for the complete collection but i don't wanna buy it with full price because i already bought half of the content included in it, do i buy it and they take the forsaken price out or do i get ripped off ? help plz.

  4. I feel like everything good is being put into PvP. And it sucks when lots of us can't attain these rewards because we get supressed by those who are good then get better gear and make them harder to beat. making gear even harder to get. I still cant get any PvP exotics. I just get frustrated and give up. iT'S NOT FUN. Need more Sleeper type quests. Rely on ones self to get good gear.

  5. XaKeR says:

    Can't wait for Season of [REDACTED]

  6. lhalls9116 says:

    This is why i have like 10 games on the game drive and destiny on storage cuz the gbs are nuts!

  7. Please don't ruin telesto on PvE!!!!!

  8. The Joker says:

    This seems like a really good game and it took a lot of time to make but I hate how really good games get released snd they get everyone playing it for a month and then it gets replaced by a game that’s not better at all

  9. RufusTK says:

    Just below 10 minutes bud

  10. jayfore says:

    Ah, now the crybabies complain about Telesto. Let's nerf that, and then move on down the list, so all of the other fun and powerful weapons become vanilla.

  11. ian fretz says:

    Its not an exotic sniper rifle

  12. Can't wait for the drifters story to be revealed. I've been wondering when he had his personality swapped with Mathew McConaugheys character from Dazed and Confused.

  13. Someone please clarify, m on second step of the lunas quest does this mean i go bk to step one after the seasonal reset???

  14. Add me on ps4 Supremeassassini looking for people to play with destiny 2 like crucible raids and gambit

  15. Herb Cain says:

    Oh and (lood-o-man-i-acle)?

  16. Herb Cain says:

    Houndish im beggin bro from what i can tell its you,kackis,and byf so im counting on you three to do all of D2 a huge favor Please explain to these mindless drones that a meta is not a requirement nor is it always the best "meta" for some groups (fireteams) though sufficient efficiency pertaining to dps can vary after taking into account each members skill with said weapon(archetype) and or subclass/exotic buffs

  17. I want a fix fir the harbingers echo glitch.

  18. Thomas Giss says:

    Why so much Gigs forsaken was only 37 gigs

  19. Ryon says:


  20. Long time watcher, love this shit. Earned a subscriber! Keep it up

  21. SweWolf says:

    I don't know what "gambeth" is but it sounds interesting.

  22. GrimDanny13 says:

    You are correct the match making is confusing as hell..I get que with 3 other fresh 20s from the free game and go up against 3 Luna howls and 2 1k voices…seems fair for someone with a now 0 rank thanks to solo ques

  23. Idtapp says:

    I don’t telsto is op, it’s not used in high rank competitive, I think resilience is trash and should counter more weapons

  24. Devisualize says:

    How much is it gonna cost?

  25. Ronny Rakete says:

    Really enjoying your frequent updates on forsaken. Keep up good work! I wonder, if there will be a new Level-Cap in the upcoming DLC. There usually is, as i remember.

  26. The crucible rank change sounds good. It’ll tier each rank so the upper and lower tiers doesn’t mix. Finally a good idea.

  27. I hope this doesn’t end up like of curse of Osiris and warmind

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