Destiny 2 The Revelry Review Q&A

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The Q&A that came after my official first impressions review of Destiny 2 The Revelry as part of the Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter. — Watch live at

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8 Responses

  1. d shook says:

    The answer is two sandboxes that have no bearing on one another where they can be adjusted independently, pve sandbox and pvp sandbox, but as long as they have hybrid servers that serve both it will always be a problem. Though I only test software for security issues and what not I work with the developers and when your try and do two things such as pvp and pve on the same servers one will always effect the other just my thoughts

  2. TheSmurf1973 says:

    Can someone clarify for me, is there no timer if you don't matchmake??

  3. Lono it's 3 weeks of fun why are they still winging # pvp unbelievable

  4. skywalkertkd says:

    Stop making content. Also quit playing destiny please

  5. This could be a bad idea, but the goal is to push the meta alittle bit, shake things up on a day to day basis. What if every day at reset a different weapon archetype was outlawed in crucible. Like all fast firing shotguns outlawed on monday and on teusday all 720 auto rifles are outlawed. I wouldn't want an entire weapon category outlawed tho.

    Another modifier for pvp could be an outlaw of an element. Like arc is outlawed on wednesday. Solar outlawed on thursday…

  6. andrew jones says:

    Idea why don’t after a period of time they include raid weapons and armor in a grind like this that is more approachable for solo players than raids and it has a ton of weapons and armor to pull from

  7. Evan says:

    The response to someone asking about disabling the tonic in the comp playlist….yikes

  8. Remove the timer and they got a cool horde type mode

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