Destiny 2: Top 10 Weapons You Have To Try In Shadowkeep! (Weapons That Are Getting Buffed)

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26 Responses

  1. Jay D says:

    Hey… I have a secret to tell… Hunters can auto reload with ahamkara grasps and corrosive smoke bomb

  2. Jason Luu says:

    What about the toaster?

  3. Nimbus says:

    I can't wait for Chad O'keefe

  4. billy brown says:

    How are we supposed to get these weapons if most exotics are random drops. I like your videos but isn’t this video basically farm for exotics as much as u can and hope u get the weapons u are talking about.

  5. RdyPlyOne says:

    You missed guns with Subsistence & Rampage or Swashbuckler.

  6. RdyPlyOne says:

    Sniper catalyst nerf?

  7. CGS _ says:

    Pyro always delivers. Pyro posts I watch.

  8. Peter Cardin says:

    Truth loses damage because of proximity detonation

  9. AKSBSU says:

    I have my eye on Truth for Shadowkeep, but for a very different reason. Currently there is one big advantage Wardiff Coil has over Truth, taking out supers in PvP. However, if super durability is going to be significantly pared back, Truth could be unrivaled soon.

  10. I'm not sure how well the roll is for Shadowkeep but I love my curated Nightwatch with overflow and explosive rounds. Having 39 scout rounds in my Nightwatch I dont need a rally barricade. Love the videos and can't wait for Shadowkeep. Also I want overflow on a gnawing hunger my friend has it.

  11. Hypnottize says:

    I’m sorry, I must have missed something, but how exactly is Whisper’s catalyst getting nerfed?

  12. Jamie Burton says:

    Just reminded me that I really need to get my catalysts done on some of these weapons mentioned. Glad I got the Sunshot done. Man that took forever.

  13. Forcer says:

    Toaster and portal gun, that’s all you’ll need

  14. You can cancel half of the izanagi reload animation to increase dps

  15. Soloing heroic Zero Hour to complete catalyst was so hard. Kept running out of time so many times at the end. Thats the price I pay for being a solo player

  16. Petr Bulawa says:

    Truth might be good on paper, but because i can't deal direct damage, it has the WORST total DMG of all rocket launchers (and DPS pre shadowkeep).

  17. Riskrunner will be great as well

  18. Juan Tahua says:

    They shouldn’t touch whisper at all they should just bring it back how it was 😤
    Just the fact that we work for it and they made it useless 🙄

  19. GiantSlayer says:

    Don’t forget Breakneck has a hidden perk that increases Reload speed as you stack rampage.

  20. I think one of the only reasons people would be using Breakneak in Shadowkeep, is if they need their energy slot for something. Because Recluse does almost identical damage, only needs 1 kill to get there, and only 4 less bullets in the mag, and is getting a similar buff that assault rifles are getting. My breakneck is probably gonna stay in the vault for a little longer.

  21. Herpil says:

    let’s GITTER done

  22. Humberson says:

    Keep up the good work

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