Destiny 2: Update 1.2.3 – Prestige Raid Lairs, Collections & Crucible Changes (& Thoughts)

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Bungie dropped another big weekly update consisting of enough stuff that I think a video is probably kind of important. Crucible is getting some adjustments, we have some information on Prestige Raid Lairs and details on how collections and shaders will mix together.

Weekly Update:

Prestige Raid Ornaments:

Shaders being OK to delete:…

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41 Responses

  1. Jeremy West says:

    Hard was way better then prestige. All you get is weapons that are power lvl useless to next dlc or way lower then max lol. Plus challenging you in other ways lol more like prestige = seeing how long you could hold a knife in your throat look at me I'm doing it the longest lol all ego bring some endgame back

  2. i also hate 6v6, mainly because it eels like mayhem clash without the full mayhem

  3. Steve Young says:

    Why 6v6 this game was not designed for 6v6 it feels bad man

  4. Huntardlulz says:

    it's nice with these new changes. However i wish the infinite forest was open for players for patrols/exploring. The forest looks beautiful.

  5. Ok but what scout rifle is that?

  6. Solstice of Heroes is probably the prelude to BUNGIE throwing the ax on Cayde-6, since they've already laid it out that he's gonna die and there will be no rez for him.

    Yup, you heard it folks — BUNGIE is giving the permadeath to the one guy who has been shouldering Destiny 2 since launch (and even before that on D1).

  7. Season 3 runs until September, why the hell is Bungie squeezing all faction rallies into a 6 week block?

  8. Thanks for the news, your commentary, and for blessing us with that smooth ass voice of yours <3 ALSO: Holy shit Datto, you got dicked on so many times in this vid :'D I woulda gotten dicked so much harder but still! Was fun to watch!

  9. Why censor the player's ID number in the nightfall score image when it's openly readable on the TWAB anyways?

  10. Wait… so are shaders fixed and back to unlimited like d1 or not?


  12. The people in the comments are cancer lol "Bungie locking away max power behind prestige raids wahhhhhh"

    Should have been that way from the start. How can some of you even play Destiny seriously and not do raids? Like how many times can you get on and run the same damn strikes every fucking day? Booooooring. Shit.. the raids even get stale too if you do them all the time.

    Lastly, stop crying about being a solo player. I'm in a clan with people that I don't even know and we never play together, I get on youtube to learn the raid and then get experience with lfg groups. If you aren't retarded, you can complete the shit with hardly any hassle, unless the group is terrible.

    You people are the reason Destiny 2 was trash and dead for so long. If you wanna be casual, cool, nothing wrong with that, but end-game content is egc for a fucking reason. If you don't wanna do it or aren't gonna stop being a lazy dickhead, then quit crying about the 400 light gear. Go run some strikes and do some public events

  13. Nathan says:

    I just want to delete my 600 Atlantis Wash shaders in one deletion. That’s all I ask. If they fix that I’ll pay the 120 Canadian for Forsaken. All my money for shader deletion fix please Bungie.

  14. ??????? says:

    I don’t even play this game anymore because I don’t want to pay more to play the extra content but I just like to listen to the Datto.

  15. Telesto masterwork – Eater of Worlds (prestige).
    Sleeper Stimulant masterwork – Spire of Stars (prestige).
    Legend of Acrius masterwork – Leviathan (prestige)?

  16. UlianoIII says:

    If a Character was, say.. Deleted. And all Y1 Eververse items aquired like say Ikoras ship. All those items, If They are being put into collections, would be there at Forsaken Release??

  17. HGLuigi says:

    what about first to complete both?

  18. Mad-Slick says:

    The raid ornaments are utter garbage. A simple colour change? Bungie needs to wake the fuck up.

  19. 6v6 is too damn hectic on these maps

  20. 400 Power Weapons: The only way to get 400 Power armor before Forsaken is by participating in the Summer Solstice event, but the only way to get 400 Power weapons before Forsaken is by completing Prestige Spire of Stars and Eater of Worlds. Yeah not interested in doing "prestige raids" hopefully "summer solstice" will be linked to weekly milestones/weekly engrams because if it's just a separate event then it's 100% pointless to even log on still not getting forsaken till they make forsaken free and get rid of the "anal pass" they absolutely do not need attached to forsaken, so please bungie make forsaken free and prove to people first that forsakens actually a good and finished product THEN we can talk about the NEXT TWO dlcs "costing money" but charging people till we get to thoes next two dlcs is TOTAL BULLSHIT/WRONG WAY TO DO BUSINESS however if bungie wants to throw some Goodwill they could just make the past and the next two dlcs free I mean nothing In D2 is worth anyone's money at this point might as well just make Osiris free (like it should have been) same with warmind (was completely bullshit/waste of time plus cut content) forsaken should be free (shouldn't have to pay more money after an entire year of getting ripped off especially for something we should have gotten at launch) other than that when bungie gets too the next two dlcs then they can look at "making money" IF forsaken is ACTUALLY FINISHED AND ACTUALLY GOOD till then STOP CHARGING PEOPLE MONEY YOU HAVE NOT EARNED you want money? DO BUSINESS CORRECTLY FIRST start D2Y2 off CORRECTLY and people MIGHT ACTUALLY COME BACK ESPECIALLY IF BUSINESS IS DONE RIGHT SHOW YOU ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOU COMMUNITY,YOUR FANS,YOUR PLAYERBASE NOT JUST THE/ONLY THE "MONEY" WE GIVE YOU PUT PEOPLE FIRST BEFORE "MONEY" if Bungie wants to turn things around 1. Make forsaken ACTUALLY GOOD/AN ACTUALLY FINISHED PRODUCT 2.make forsaken free 3.get rid of the "anal pass" 4. If forsaken is ACTUALLY A FINISHED/ACTUALLY GOOD then when/if we get to dlc THEN we can look to "thinking" about spending money/supporting bungie but until then I'm not coming back to destiny period especially with better games games that deserve my time,my money,my support etc either do this right bungie or fuck right off don't let us down make this happen starting by making forsaken free because no one should have to pay for it especially not after an "entire year" of being ripped off/lied to/bullshitted etc make this right bungie do this right! And once done right STAY THAT WAY AGAIN THIS CAN NOT BE OVERSTATED "STOP DOING THIS FOR SIMPLY THE MONEY AND DO IT FIRST AND FOREMOST and ALWAYS FOR THE COMMUNITY,FANS, PLAYERBASE/FOR THE PEOPLE" IF you want money bungie you will get it but STOP LOOKING AT PEOPLE LIKE PAYCHECKS ANS LOOK AT THEM AS PEOPLE,COMMUNITY MEMBERS,FANS AND PLAYERBASES STOP BEING ACTIVISION STOP BEING EA BE WHO YOU ARE BE "BUNGIE" DO BUSINESS CORRECTLY DO IT FOR THE RIGHT,HONEST AND FAIR REASONS AND the money will simply come give us what we want 1. Actually Finished products 2. Actually good products 3. Be transparent/clear/honest/fair/straight up etc with us do things right WITH US

  21. RiotPelaaja says:

    Thanks for the quick video Datto!

  22. Bungie is like: People don't play the raids? Let's give them a reason to hate the raids even more!!!! Nice.

  23. Tiger Bears says:

    If Bungie is thinking of adding a re-roll mechanic then it’d make sense to have random roll items in your collection just cost as much as fixed roll items, but with the cost of a re-roll added on top.

  24. Tiger Bears says:

    Is Season 3 going all the way up to Forsaken?

  25. Tiger Bears says:

    Does anyone know if we’ll get the chance to get the current seasons Faction Rally catalysts in future rallies?

  26. KILLA JD says:

    Year 2 stuff not in collections is fine we have an entire empty 500 space vault now that we can delete all year 1 stuff

  27. KILLA JD says:

    There for sure is not collections for rare and uncommon

  28. Doozy says:

    For the buy back thing for random roll weapons, why not have a system where by u can select what perks u get, but only if you’ve unlocked them for that weapon previously . And maybe make each selected perk cost x amount of glimmer, maybe the more u select the more expensive each one gets. E.g. if you wanted a better devils with outlaw and firefly, you would have had to acquire a better devils with those perks before hand.

  29. Ionic Gaming says:

    So I’m not the only one who is paranoid

  30. E M says:

    this video is stupid

  31. I still have all the 1st mission gearsets

  32. Kinda bothers me how 60FPS looks so crisp but even us Xbox One X console plebs can't get it 🙁

  33. So, since i started destiny 2 on pc after warming's release, does that mean none of my items will be in the collections?

  34. the raid catalysts are for sleeper, telesto, and acrius (im pretty sure)

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