Destiny 2 w/ Lewis, Turps & Sips! – 12th September 2018 #AD

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Turps, Sips & Lewis play some Destiny 2 this week!

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17 Responses

  1. Justin Ly says:

    Every time when I play Destiny 2, I always listen to this stream! I love it when I'm playing and It gets me more entertained. You guys are awesome and I wish you guys could play some more in the future! c:

  2. Lewis is using pribnia d in my opinion hakkë's worst gun

  3. Lol would love to see their reaction to the actual level of the raid xD

  4. Baleur says:

    49:10 hahah at least Sips is carrying a healthy "I dont give a shit" attitude about it.
    As opposed to Sjin that has just decided to wear a full woolen beanie even during 30 degree summer days.
    Sjin, we love you no matter your hair status, learn from Sips, stop giving a shit.

  5. Nicholas O says:

    Every time Sips is gonna check out his loot the camera switches away!!!!

  6. Putrefax says:

    Hit a brother up with the songs in the ad break someone?

  7. sKiiTs8 says:

    I don't get the hype around this game but happy to watch them enjoying it!

  8. CallumMate says:

    "We can maybe wander into the raid at 520" yikes they aren't ready, nobody was ready

  9. Grant Shiels says:

    Turps please aim down sights, it's killing me

  10. Press U, go to Lewis bio page in game, you can invite that way

  11. leeatlarge1 says:

    The only audio part cracked me up

  12. Big Chungus says:

    Who’s Yay or nay for the Stone looking Sunshot ornament (can’t remember name) just want to no if it’s worth grinding for?

  13. Dr. Pawnch says:

    Thank you for playing one of my favorite games!!

  14. SIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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