DESTINY 2 | Weapon Forge, Lost Prophecies & Heroic Adventures

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Here’s a round up of the main points from today’s Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris livestream from Bungie.
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Destiny 2 Tips

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46 Responses

  1. The prophecy things don’t show up as pursuits !

  2. JJV1224 says:

    I dismantled my scout forged rifle -_- how do I get it back

  3. Mendel0598 says:

    I finished the first three options of forged weapons and I can’t receive anymore can someone tell me how you get more

  4. Justin White says:

    i done all prophecies and still cant get sagira shell

  5. Denny says:

    yea keep bitching guys, you are going to buy it anyway 😉

  6. Exgecko says:

    Monster hunter world is the new thing. It will be overcrowded as fuck and hopefully the servers are okay

  7. Sean Hoy says:

    Really hoped the lost prophecies would have their own unique quests. 🙁

  8. MDWavemaster says:

    2 tokens and a blue….

  9. enigma says:


    Tune in next DLC "expansion".

  10. SIGNOFZODIAC says:

    Booo…. They just going to “take” it out later like they did D1 with The Taken King! ?????‍♂️

  11. stuartrockin says:

    Cant wait for Division 1.8.

    D2 DLC is just sad.

  12. Scuzzy says:

    Fuck all this bullshit, i cant believe i actually thought this game would impress me. Bungie needs to go back to Halo!

  13. Tomi says:

    Such potential with this game …bungie should scrap the 10 year plan and just add new adventures every month and unlock previously unreachable parts of the map so the game growns or something … because if that's all we're going to get in the following months I won't be coming for more when D3 eventually comes out

  14. Pinchsmokey says:

    Looks like long empty corridors and platforming. Thought this was a shooter
    Meh, cant wait til monster hunter world releases.

  15. The hand canon is adorable af xD it doesn't move while you shoot

  16. Honestly alex, do you like the direction the game is going to?

  17. Techkey1 says:

    Okay, all I want to know is. Do heroic adventures give you better (RNG) loot than regular adventures? Or is this another case of no matter what you do the (RNG) loot is the same, killing the reason to do a heroic adventure besides challenge? And the "forge" thing. It doesn't look like you actually "forge" anything. It looks like you turn in a quest go to the "forge" and then perform the "scan function", then wait for a piece of RNG loot. I hope that's not true about the "forge". Oh, and thank you for the video.

  18. Imagine completing all the lost prophecies and your reward is the option to grab one D1 exotic

  19. Jade Mills says:

    I will now tell you who is in charge…winy media…STFU

  20. Jade Mills says:

    So why do we not have powerful weapons? Because its 4 v 4 . Yes your mistake in bandwidth has crippled the game. We used to enjoy 6 v 6 with one or two guys using hacksaw and with team work we could get the win. Now we face what name one weapon that could beat hacksaw? Here is your problem vanilla vs gamers…you are afraid that given the weapon elite would scare away vanilla. Your so wrong vanilla always wants to beat elite who is in charge over there?

  21. Jade Mills says:

    Are they better then the blues that are better than some of the exotics already here. Other words worth it…probably not…sad again.

  22. So fucking glad I didn't get the season pass.

  23. Nate 50Cal says:

    Bit of a joke really BungieVision have fully transitioned to the Cod model now

  24. Complete. Unadulterated. Shit.

  25. Cowboy says:

    worse than getting blue balls

  26. Paul Brewer says:

    so you got to do PvP them to vet them .. no thanks

  27. More weapon reskins wooo

  28. tictac sir says:

    What a load of trash

  29. Balerion says:

    i am so glad monster hunter is just around the corner so i don't have to feel sad (mad) for destiny

  30. peter pham says:

    That hand cannon has a weird recoil pattern

  31. The thing you can't talk about, I bet it's the Vex invading Mercury during the Collapse.

  32. Tokens. That's is all, nothing else need be said.

  33. Nate Stross says:

    Anyone who's playing Destiny 2. Is it still relevant?

  34. matt1523 says:

    Do people still play this game??

  35. Ablinio Paz says:

    "as long as destiny 2 campaign" – that was a nice joke man ha lol

  36. cardiacade says:

    Gotta say, really enjoying the Iron Banner at the moment.

  37. Would be nice to have new awesome features on a sequel and not dlc.

  38. Standard says:

    😛 I wanted to comment something the makes me seem smart…

    But I'm not

  39. maybe i am used to word forge from other games like MH and expected too much from this 
    because forge they showed in the stream is basically turn in quest for legendary weapon…

  40. xyno says:

    I used to be so hyped about this game. This all just sounds like a bunch of shit that will dry up after a month.

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