Destiny 2. XUR FORSAKEN EXOTICS/BOUNTIES! Xur Location/Loot March 15, 2019. Where is Xur 3-15-2019?

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Destiny 2 Forsaken Xur Location & Exotic Random Rolls. March 15, 2019. Where is Xur 3–15-2019? In Destiny 2, Xur comes to a random location to sell an exotic weapon and exotic armor pieces with exotic random rolls. Xur also brings bounties called “Invitation Of The Nine”. Xur arrives at reset on Friday and leaves at reset on Tuesday.
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48 Responses

  1. Mesa Sean says:

    Check out the Xur bounty complete! 🔴Destiny 2. MYSTERY & POTENTIAL. Invitation of the Nine Week 1 Bounty. Epic Cut Scene & Lore! via @YouTube

  2. AcGravity says:

    Awe come on!! Crimson was the only exotic I was proud to get 😭 now everybody’s gonna get one

  3. AcGravity says:

    *Looks up where to find Xür*
    *Click on video*
    *Closes video*
    *clicks on Mesa Sean video instead*

  4. Ben Maier says:

    #madeittotheend I am still waiting to get Phoenix Protocol. So sad.

  5. NickRamone0 says:

    Didnt xur give away the crimson two months ago?

  6. Proxy Epic says:

    He’s not selling forsaken exotics(well only warlocks)

  7. Proxy Epic says:

    He’s not selling forsaken exotics(well only warlocks)

  8. #madeittotheend; Dude why do they keep that damn Scout Rifle perk on all their boot armor… <sigh> still a decent roll though. I will be buying the Worm God caress cuz that is a pretty good roll… Also I just got the Chromatic Chestpiece last night and my roll is a bit better than that one. Cant wait to do that Xur bounty!!! Really enjoying Destiny 2 again.

  9. Jason Zeh says:

    Chromatic fire is excellent

  10. #madeittotheend still haven't decided….drifter or vanguard for allegiance on my main.

  11. No U says:

    Tyvm I love xur, he's very handsome too XD

  12. #madeittotheend keep up the content it's very appreciated

  13. Chad Duffney says:

    The Xur bounty is a JoJo reference

  14. Joseph Holt says:

    Ooooooo. 2 items to buy today! 🙂

  15. I got "shards of galonor" but when I use it I suck with it (I got to practice) so I'll stick to Orpheus rig which is more of my playstyle tbh😄

  16. Chromatic Fire combined with Ace of Spades works well. You get the elemental explosion from Ace of Spades combined with the elemental explosion from Chomatic Fire. #MadeItToTheEnd

  17. ItBeFerwhyer says:

    #madeittotheend got the game on PC but I bought it on xbox today, pretty okay first xur

  18. So I got crimson yesterday and I really wanted the catalyst not even two hours later I got the catalyst.

  19. On marc 16 he is here?

  20. The PDC says:

    Gosh, I havnt played D2 in 3 months. I might have to jump back on maybe? Probably not…. already to far behind. Have fun out there Guardians

  21. Again ur videos are helpful

  22. Wtf we have gotten wormgod like 4 times

  23. Sandpaper says:

    #madeittotheend I can finally pick up the Orpheus Rig! Excited to see what happens with bounty. For the sake of spoilers I can’t watch the next video yet.

  24. The engram does give you more then year one exotics now! Last two weeks I got something from forsaken DLC so you might want to let people know.

  25. Damn your vids sounnsds cool , love your voice it's calm and cool at the same time 😎 wish to play with you some time at xbox🤘 cos im solo player☹ and it is cool to play with some PRO

  26. I'm Funguy says:

    What happens if you put chromatic fire, AoS and dragonfly spec?

  27. Hydro Zerker says:

    Unfortunately i have crimson but it cannot 3 tap in pvp so it needs buff it is mediocre hand cannon in pvp because

    it has so low time to kill so i dismanteld it

    i just don't want and don't like to use weapons that are mediocre in pvp unless the weapon isn't good in pvp and pve i get rid of it

    just sharing my thoughts on the gun my thoughts are the same on the gvaviton lance

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