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Game director Jeff Kaplan and lead engineer Tim Ford discuss our upcoming event: Overwatch Archives!
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.

00:13 – The Uprising mission is coming back!
00:22 – Experience the King’s Row Uprising mission with two modes
01:24 – We’re changing the event this year
02:06 – Archives Loot Boxes will contain last year’s Uprising content…
02:12 – …Plus brand-new content
02:20 – Hear Jeff’s hint at a new skin
02:35 – Tune…

overwatch update

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43 Responses

  1. Yossha Wesh says:

    I'm Team from the Overwatch Tim

  2. I need playing uprising

  3. Triggered says:

    ”Tim from the overwatch tim”

  4. Tim sounds like he constantly has mucus in his throat

  5. shay jacobs says:

    can someone please translate jeff’s morse code blinking?

  6. I hope this stinking cuntstain contracts full body polio and his family is forced to watch him suffer and slowly die.

  7. Hi, im tim from da overwatch tim…

  8. NixNix Ryder says:

    The archives immoval orisa intro is adorable

  9. Ugh call me when the bastion nerf comes out I want him deleted from the godam game

  10. Give me Tracers anniversary skin or I will hack u

  11. BenJamin says:

    Because of your laziness overwatch is dying

  12. Jeff i am thinking about new map or champion . Why dont use illusion on map or some traps. And with champion why dont create gravity champion

  13. Please, someone tell me how many times Jeff blinked. I LOVE JEFF by the way, not being horrible here, he is the cutest thing.

  14. Ploop 40 says:

    Hey, daddy jeff can you tell us where widow's hook is going to land next

  15. L Venga Door says:

    They should keep the Archives running all year long.

  16. Super_Pope says:

    a new challenger appears

  17. Brent Kim says:

    Jeff blinked pike 500 times every monute

  18. Milnerz says:

    Who came here from Dinoflask

  19. I have over 1000 hours as Symmetra and most of the changes that have been leaked sound terrible. Us Symm ,mains don’t want her changed. We want her improved so other players don’t complain.

    The biggest mistake is taking away her Photon Projector. A good Symm uses it to block Roadhog hooks, sleep darts, flashbangs, helix rockets and then close the distance for the kill. Without the Photon Projector she has nothing.

    The other big mistake is taking away her primary fire lock on. That would be like taking away Widow’s sniper rifle and giving her a shotgun instead, ridiculous.

  20. Why do they look so uncomfortable.

  21. SayWut says:

    The game balance right now is stupid. You guys are just changing things thats not needed and based off baby cries on the community. Also, the game intention is to be “fun”, but all the changes and focus are for competitive scenes, and the casual changes are based on baby cries. This is just making this game a mess in general.


  23. Bob Will says:

    Jeff Kaplan is James Halliday from ready player one

  24. Hydra says:

    ok jeff from the overwatch team is one thing but TIM from the overwatch team is too many legends to handle at once holy big mamma

  25. This is getting out of hand… there are two of them now!

  26. Kickyo12 says:

    Dude I’m happy for not only one but two events at once and I never got to live the uprising event before thanks?

  27. Moonjune 20 says:

    I wish u can make an android game like this

  28. Daddy jeef kaplan why aren't you giving me luck i have 9 epics out of 10 boxes but no legendary man

  29. dNLq says:

    from 2:30 to 2:50 Tim looks like his face got stunned by a flashbang or something

  30. They said there would be 9 new skins but I’ve only found 8

  31. Golden Popo says:

    ohh got a scape goat do ya now jeff?

  32. Jeff nerf Brigitte stun it’s a pain to try to us ult but she stuns u every time

  33. Antonio Bush says:

    I don't accept this new god of overwatch with the name of "TIM"

  34. Aidan Harris says:

    Tim is looking into your soul the entire video

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