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  1. They should of kept the original LOD properties of ene/vit, the game would of made a lot more sense

  2. Can you try this again with the shield spell that the set gives you? For science.

  3. Ahmed Jammaz says:

    you just read it on the skill description that it shoots 1 missile when have BOTH sets Equipped 😀 this is considered 1 of the best Ubers in the game

  4. Valthek wouldn't be so awful for new players if first, the oskills weren't active without the requisite number of set items and second, if the Purify proj moved faster, because it's seriously bullshit to have to get into what'll be OHKO range for a variety of builds when the skill is ranged purely because the proj speed sucks.

  5. pevosh says:

    wtf is that??? where can I find this ridiculous hybrid of diablo 2 ?

  6. GGKimTaeyeon says:

    i think i learned in the EP that llamas eyes are scuffed asf.
    >Wonders why he cant use skills for like 5 mins when all he had to do is read them
    > wonders why he cant damage boss when all he had to do was read skills
    >wonders which one is the boss even though they intentionally made the boss have a glowy aura so you can tell them apart.

    Is it really MXL that is confusing? REALLY? or is it just that llama is kind of dense?

    I haven't even done this uber because im filthy median casual, but I actually had to rage close this video 10 mins in because llama was complaining that the boss was confusing and poorly designed while at the same time not reading anything. They Even provide you with a skill make makes you invulnerable for 5 seconds yet he doesnt even bother to use it, why?
    This uber is so cut and dry it isnt even funny.

  7. Mizer says:

    Gotta love Median XL
    99% of the time: what killed me
    .5% of the time: how the flip do I actually kill this?
    last .5% of the time: really? that was the gimmick? why?!

  8. Barblife! Strong, dumb and full of stun .
    Gotta love the way he shouts "HOE!" 19:00

  9. froggzor1 says:

    playing this on HC mode would be real hardcore


  11. mr Llama dorama you still owe me a run of Throne of Darkness 🙂

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