Diablo 2: This is the best Zealot Paladin You can Make!

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The Iconic standard zealot paladin. A build that still has its place, even if it’s not as popular as it once was.

0:55 Stats (Attack rating talk and more)
3:21 Skills (Talking about defiance a bit)
3:45 IAS guide – Important info! Note on IAS; Either you get 20 IAS on gloves, or 15 IAS from jwl in gullis helm or nosferatu belt
5:35 Merc (Reapers toll setup – Armor base talk)
6:30 Stash gear (gear options for budget and shield info)
10:14 Gear time
10:30 Gloves
12:28 Belt (FHR info!)

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40 Responses

  1. Carter USA says:

    I can guarantee if you use hoz and COH you will max resists with anni and torch. Use dracs and highlords or catseye. Goblin toes and gface for your CB. Belt doesn't really matter but THUNDER gods, raven frost and dwarf give you plenty of absord. Love most of your vids but I don't get this. This build cost 30 HRs and in my opinion isn't as a strong as the cookie cutter zealot. Dracs, gface, coh, grief, hoz, highlords/catseye, goblin, raven, leech ring, anni, torch, random charms. I mean why run like 20 or 30fcr? I get you have enigma but don't really use it. You have this built like your going to mf with no mf. Just don't get the enigma if your not mfing on a physical char COH has skills leech mad res just too good. Well catch you next vid

  2. Why is it anyone making d2 videos cant read?

  3. i never seen a crushing blow rare belt use realistic items not shity hero editor

  4. If you use pheonix you definitely want dungos and dracs

  5. Stoyan says:

    Very nice video…you are very funny! I like you gameplay. U the man buddy=]

  6. DomPerignon says:

    Simply use infinity on your merc and your problem with ar will ends, reduce dexterity, teak off enigma and put coh or forti here

  7. Ben Jammin C says:

    Cool videos but a little too much talking and unnecessarily long, this game is 20 years old and your viewers know most if not everything you're saying.

    Your gear is unrealistically hard to get for beginners too.


  8. Shitty build. For PvM you don't need shield at all. When you blocking you're not attacking so dps is much lower.
    I could easily overcome you with big bad 2-hander like ebotd warpike… and damage will be two times higher.
    Also there is NO BETTER gloves in game for PVM than LoH's (20% IAS, 350% damage to demons, All act bosses and 2/3 monsters in Game – demons… 4 Bhaal waves – demons… also nice boost to fore resist)
    There is no better amulet for melee than Highlords (35% DS Cant be even close to beat by any +skills.)
    Please, don't ever name your movies like "Best blah-blah-blah whatever"….

  9. Can you tell me what kind of runes you used in the shield and the phase blade ?

  10. WOW djuntas just no this is by fare not the best PVM Zeal Build
    I think i will do a Video by myself can someone tell me a good programm to do it?
    But one think i will tell you if you need Lifetab on a Char to survive players8 it is not really good.
    € How did you get this craft gloves? there ist no rezept to get them on Bloodcrafts is allways 1-3% Life Leach on. This is missing on yours so how did you get them? They must be cheated.

    Bloodcrafts have allways :
    – 1-3% Life leach
    – 10-20 Life
    -5-10% Crushing blow
    an 2 Prefix and 2 sufix from this List here (it is on German but i think it is Ok to show the Problem

    So were ist the Life leach? did you really show some Cheat Items on a guide Video lol

  11. Lars Dahl says:

    Many years since I have played Diablo II.
    But when the game was still new I did play it, and my first character was a zealot paladin.
    So I was thinking up the idea myself as no one in our player group had ever heard of the idea before.
    Zeal + Fanaticism. Attack speed boosting equipment, resistance boosting equipment and life draining.
    And a core element of my build was conversion (Which got nerfed a lot in later versions, which made the paladin less entertaining to play.)

  12. GlimFTW says:

    Please everyone avoid building zealot like this.. its 2018 and this guide its so thrash xD one can write an essay named "how not to build a zealot paladin" based just on this "guide"

  13. Prvosienko says:

    No CBF mod sucks. I'd rather sacrifice one ring for Ravenfrost.

  14. This aint even near perfect build for pvm. You also run all the time so that defense you get from defiance is rendered to 0 so why even bother with defense. you should run when you travel and when you fight you should be walking.

  15. srapsak says:

    lol you show how you almost die with Phoenix, but still you say it's the best shield for you 😀

  16. Solmyr says:

    I want to see you make diablo asmr part 2!

  17. Robert Vizzo says:

    If your gonna stack AR like that… Why not ebotdz… Also if u can get 40/15s it might be worth it to go with a jmod since your putting the points into Dex anyways.

  18. Semirotta says:

    That looks pretty neat, but still kind a slow to actually use.

  19. Schnisst lul says:

    why no call to arms in switchmode?

  20. Itty KL says:

    Vs all uber It’s a good choice ? Thank you for your video !

  21. Ada Tud says:

    its ubers, not ubbers. i love ur guides they​ are one of the best ones available! but the writing mistakes u make are so ezzy to avoid. i'd really appreciate if u could try to avoid them in the future. keep up the good work 😉

  22. Roy Batty says:

    Why you care so much about attack rating? Grief has "Ignore target defense" meaning you have a 95% chance of hitting all targets except elite magical monsters and bosses. And you can handle bosses with smite which hits all the time regardless of attack rating. Besides, if you want extra attack rating you can always use enchant off a Demon limb.

  23. jonny nordin says:

    Is there any way you can make your chars playable? 😀 Make it so we can download them! And i hope you play 1.13version 😀

  24. andy lawson says:

    phoenix is bad choice primarily due to firestorm proc, which interrupts zeal. just to be clear yes a torch also casts firestorm, but it's from diablo's spells not from the druids fire spells. the torch storm proc does not interrupt zeal. personally a zaka, alma negra or a 30/20/65/121 4s st/sr would be a better choice filled with 30/60/9/9 jewels and perhaps some bers for % dr

  25. Why not fortitude armor? Makes up for the loss of ED when using exile.

  26. Karl El says:

    Really good and meticulous guide for one off the oldschool builds, great job! =)

  27. dude, how do u expect Unique Greaves to be Gore Riders. They have to be Unique War Boots… otherwise nice video, you gave me some ideas

  28. Wary Wolf says:

    I thought about making a fury druid once, but then remembered this guy exists.
    I'd agree he's the best pure physical damage build for solo play, although I'm sure he'd be popular teaming up with a kick-assassin and frenzy barb.
    Least this guy has a bit more survivability in him.

  29. kingkrankSPW says:

    you should take those points out of defiance and put them in blessed aim, every point adds 1% attack rating, which can save u some of those dex points, also those point put into str make no sense to me at all.

  30. MyYTwatcher says:

    Nice build. but could you do budget builds for people returning back to the game and not willing to spend the youth on trading?

  31. Del Boy says:

    Make more videos of Diablo 2 LOD thank u hello from Serbia m8

  32. ZiobroV says:

    Is the reapers toll better then other melee stuff, like lets say pride? I mean Merc can do damage, but compared to you it is fairly low and it might be worth just skipping his damage other then CB.

  33. pizdolon says:

    I think that spare points given into blessed aim can make the fanaticism ar bonus higher, it's worth consideration imo

  34. Good one.
    But i think survivability is not good enough if you want to play hardcore ;p

  35. shunn889 says:

    A rare 450 ed 2 socket +skills scepter might be an improvement. Expensive, extremely expensive, but its an option. That being said I'm not to good with pvm builds.

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