[Diablo 3] Bounty Tips & Tricks

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Some helpful insights for your bounty runs. Enjoy!

UE bounty setup:

Clan (EU):

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20 Responses

  1. can u a nicer mic i find it difficult to hear you talk sometimes cuz your accent and talking fast plus the poor audio

  2. MassDynamic says:

    for some reason, i always imagined wudijo to be asian

  3. Say buddy use ur man voice!!! by the way good video

  4. Karl Müller says:

    Learn to speak properly, sometimes one can´t understand what you are saying. And the fuck is wrong with you with all the spit swallowing?

  5. MrArtard1 says:

    7:56 you left behind DB's and forgotten souls! you monster!

  6. With the no excuse for clicking bandit shrines by accident, i have clicked a bunch by accident due to speeding through with nems on a dh and cant even see the visible difference because i'm looking at the map or mob type lol

  7. Gerson Fuchs says:

    This is some informational video!!! Wow, thank you very much. I play for some time now and still learned a lot. I play on PS4

  8. G Mos says:

    If this was specifically for groups you should specify that in the title or does no one do solo bounties?

  9. Console you can't do this… console you can't do that… BUY A FUCKING COMPUTER, SCRUBS!!!!

  10. 5 to 6 minutes?!?!? I can't watch anymore… you're dumb, that's unrealistic.

  11. Joni says:

    Stopped watching at "other classes struggle with mobility" :DDDD Welcome to the game, you must be new 😀

  12. burns0100 says:

    Here I am solo on console…. lol

  13. Shit… A bit advanced for this guy…

  14. George N says:

    Dude why do you sound like a dying chicken? I can barely understand anything your saying.

  15. Dude relax man. Almost impossible to watch when you're so goodman nervous. Noone is there dude just take a deep breath and relax! Good vid.

  16. navystylz says:

    So I'm new to Diablo 3 bandwagom. Having just come back after like the first couple weeks of release so I'm wondering–why the rush?

    Isn't the game after the super quick campaign just bounties and rifts? So why the super rush? Everything you play for leads back to bounties and rifts.

  17. nighthawk82 says:

    there is no excuse for clicking bandit shrines? well, I do it anyway. I clear most of the time looking at the minimap. the moment i click on the shrine it's already too late. easy to say "there is no excuse" if you run a non-ingeom dh and not dependent on shrines in any way 😉

  18. Eric Hoover says:

    Great video man. Fuck bounties get bitches is what i say, but this helps

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