Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Impressions & Gameplay

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Diablo 3 Switch release date: November 2. Gameplay & early review for Diablo 3 Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch.

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diablo immortal news

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50 Responses

  1. Conroe says:

    Hi folks, where is Rhykker??

  2. Count Koopa says:

    Alexa, play happy music.

  3. Doc X says:

    I can't wait for your Diablo "Mobile" review…

  4. Methos says:

    One thing you also have to get used to besides controller dexterity is the lack of settings.

  5. Oregonism says:

    I bet the switch players will never even see a 100 GR.

  6. Sounded like he said " I'm wanker"

  7. McFly2015AD says:

    This the last real Diablo release we will see for another 8-10 years. RIP Diablo 🙁

  8. jack M says:

    common Rhykker
    ! get your immortal news out 😛

  9. ian west says:

    Not for regular price…sorry Nintendo

  10. Hans Yolo says:

    1:05 So how you liking Diablo Immortal?

  11. Ryan says:

    Get a Pro Controller if you don't have one! Its so much better than joycons!

  12. Swordsman says:

    Played to the death… this is for someone who like to play on the move or never play diablo 3 before..

  13. Fendera says:

    The Switch battery drains way to fast when playing D3

  14. Spigy ZJ says:

    maybe he gave up on life?

  15. Vanz Nedic says:

    Waiting for your Diablo Immortal feedback ?????

  16. WatsHyped says:

    pay attention people, this is how u milk a game. Blizzard has reached new lows with diablo immortals lets see what rhykker has to say.

  17. Dan Levy says:


  18. diablo comes to mobile wohoo =D

  19. "The idea of a handheld Diablo 3 really appealed to me" Well Merry Christmas Rhykker, and then some. 😀

    I think the new Diablo is going to play similarly on mobile to how it does on the switch. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the primary reasons for the switch port was to get some information and markers for how to make mobile work. But I'm excited to hear your thoughts on that in a couple days.

  20. Rhykker you seen that diablo game in the app store?

  21. Juraj Labuda says:

    Rhykker i hope u do pretty good dislike video on new s… diablo immortal mobile game, thx.

  22. Pinta Kong says:

    gonna order one for myself ! heard support offline mode ?

  23. Kyle Long says:

    What's your opinion on the new ass cancer mobile game?

  24. Isaac Watson says:

    I can't wait to see his reaction to Diablo: Immortal…

  25. The bulk of this review is nothing to do with Diablo or Switch. Just a PC player talking about his difficulties in playing on a console…

  26. Richard Grey says:

    So, I have a small complaint. The store purchased version of the game has a "Blizzard" ring in the stash. The pre-order does not. why the heck?

  27. sshade says:


    kill me

  28. how about that immortal lmao what a shame

  29. Ahh its funny too see your not making a video about this good old immortal news isn't that just funny.

  30. bro I'm with ya on the pc bit. nothing can compare to the pc community. its usually not casual about the games it plays, their usually smart enough to mod and tinker. and dabble. some are outright geniuses. not having a pc though for a time I've been relegated to my android. and I gotta say that I love the games enough not to discriminate any more between the pc console phones and hand helds.

    I miss my pc so much I'm trying to run aurora 4x threw exagear. shits bad. I fucking love how I can play d2 almost flawlessly on exagear with a showkey apk using multiling for full fn an keyboard support. its subpar but still hella playable. I think this cross platform compatability thing is great. It should mean old devs and new start ups can port pc classics onto android or os, make a couple bucks, and remilk games that people probably wouldnt touch on their pc. or in developing countries where having top notch tech at affordable prices might not be doable. bam port it and sell it. I'm all for porting. its an untapped market of open source learning sharing and patron donating to do stuff we all like to do and make some money.

  31. its funny to see how console play makes you feel like its a new experince

    thats how i felt playing on pc

    im like no rumble ques?
    no wheel maps for options?

  32. waterloop12 says:

    !!! How do you start a offline local co-op? need help on this. I cant add another controller myself, d3 game wont let me while other games work fine. And what are the steps thereafter if controller can be added?

  33. Limitless says:

    I understand that weird feeling, i had the same feeling when playing skyrim on the switch

  34. Zaturn Nep says:

    Innocent Fan: "Diablo couldn't possibly get any worse after Diablo 3…"

    Blizzard: "Hold my beer…" immortal

  35. Craig Martin says:

    I like to hear Rhyker say "buttons"

  36. i wonder what Rhykker thinks about the new amazing mobile diablo))))))))

  37. An impression? What about a review and score?

  38. jk27jc says:

    you sound like such a b!t&h

  39. Is the infernal helm in this???

  40. Jimmy Brown says:

    Came back to this video just to express my disappointment at Blizzcon2018

  41. I felt like Blizzard betrayed my loyalty to the franchise when I decided to buy their Nintendo Switch Diablo 3 bundle despite having a collectors edition for me and for my wife in PC edition…. and now they just announced Diablo: Immortal which is going to be a mobile MMORPG… Blizzard why you do this????? Although I would still play the game but I am not a fan being a mobile game!!! What would I do with my nintendo switch if the Diablo:Immortal isnt playable in it?



  42. Glad i didnt pay 40 bucks for a virtual ticket to get introduced to a fucking mobile game lel

  43. nooooooh!!!! diablo on mobile,,, T_T Rip sanctuary///

  44. Balthazzarr says:

    I played on PS4 for well over 1000 hours before I eventually played on PC. I like it on both, but the one thing that the console has over the PC version is the inventory system. It's so well organized without you having to do anything extra that it puts the old grid based inventory system on PC to shame. Not only is everything already separated by type, i.e. boots, helms, bracers, etc., but then it's also separated within those categories by rarity, with set items being at the top followed by legendaries, and then within the different rarities, it's alphabetized for you. Playing the game with a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller wasn't even the most jarring difference when I started to play on PC. It was that damn interface, and having to fiddle with every single item. Granted, as soon as you've played for a while and don't need to save as much stuff, and/or you know what you need/want, it's not as big an issue, but it's still a tedious hassle compared to the console version.

    That having been said, I don't hate the PC version. In fact, I am very much enjoying it. I've already clocked in hundreds of hours since I got it a few months ago, but I do miss the console's inventory system even after playing the PC version all this time.

    Also, I'm glad to see some love for the console versions down there in the comments. I genuinely thought that the comment section was going to filled with how the game is trash on consoles and that the PC version is the only real way to play, but most people seem to see the merits of the console version and how well the game fits there. I'm just glad more people will be able to play this game now. The more people that play it, the better, regardless of what their platform of choice is.

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