Diablo 3 | GR136 2 Players | Rank 1 WORLD (14:59:810)

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Here it is, our last achievement for Era 10
Failed bit last minute of fight because of pressure, but in the end makes this clear even more insane

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37 Responses

  1. Shu says:

    Gz! Must say, you always do 4 dynamo stacks before second meteor. But its enough time remains for 5. Anyway, you’re boss, so do anything while you do so good xD

  2. seba iturra says:

    Lets see if you can do it in your phone now?

  3. So close, holy shit, well played!

    I have 1 question: What is this music? That sounds really nice

  4. Simoonxify says:

    I see a change to storm armor? Is it more reliable?

  5. Alexandra says:

    you done it again 🙂 gz 🙂

  6. Bravo c est de toute beauté

  7. Wha ha ha. What a finish. Congrats!!

  8. Jake Groesch says:

    Lol i saw him move away i woulda been tilted

  9. Wow, is there even a rank 1 you haven't cracked yet? congrats, this is some serious dedication!

  10. Atmas says:

    Qui peut le stopper ? GG ^^

  11. Momo IV says:

    t'est le meilleur putain

  12. DatFeejk says:

    J'suis content de pas avoir lu le titre en entier, ça m'aurait pété tout le suspens x)

  13. Sonny C says:

    Les 8k ++ paragons ils sont legit?:) en tout cas bien joué pour la performance !! 136 à 2 joueurs, c'est énorme quand même 🙂

  14. Нехуйственный проход

  15. Gratz. You must have somehow felt your balls shrink for a split second.

  16. you are the most insane Diablo player i know. Congrats from germany

  17. Deicidium says:

    8 Quadrillion damage on 0 seconds left

  18. Amazing!! Watching from Argentina 🙂 .. Hope you break the ladder in the new era <3

  19. Aza says:

    Le mec a du serrer les f*****! Gros GG plus qu’a remettre ça en Era 9 Kappa

  20. cyb says:

    looks like a mobile game already.

  21. Amazing man! can you make a video on what you think the new grp metas will be in season 16? 😀

  22. pulsarl2c says:

    Hahah, damn, that was close

  23. dat epicness tho, tsfh ftw

  24. Nice, nice, nice. U are awesome !

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