Diablo 3: Greed’s Domain Treasure Goblin Portal/Rift

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Patch 2.1 Notes:

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11 Responses

  1. what are you using to capture gameplay?

  2. T Money says:

    what is your name on that

  3. eppal jeck says:

    Can you find these portal in the console version

  4. Robin Gryler says:

    Or if It takes you too long you could do like me if in a new character enter a t6 group and follow them in rifts it drops so much legendaries and gold and it helps you to farm up easy and u get a lot of blood shards for items and if u change ur setup I think u could even farm in t1 🙂

  5. Zoila Rivera says:

    WHOOHOO!!! My son loves this game 🙂

  6. Harb Chan says:

    Right…I've been finding the goblins, taking them down (sometimes seing a portal that spawns so quickly it's impossible to use, somtimes this happens more than once before it's killed) and then when it dies no portal is left. Am I just unlucky this hasn't happened yet, or am I doing something wrong that's stopping me from using the portal?

  7. Shotokan says:

    New to D 3.  Have level 70 Crusader with Paragon level of 12.  Found the "Vault" and the Boon of the Hoard.  Currently have 9 million in gold.  How do I add a socket to a piece of jewelry, as is says it can only be placed in jewelry and you must be ranked 25.  Don't know how to tell what my ranking is or how to add sockets to rings and amulets.  Haven't seen any socketed jewelry dropped as of yet?  Thanks!   

  8. Tony Azbill says:

    I've ran hoa lv2 5 times and haven't seen a single goblin 🙁

  9. celynn says:

    Aww, it's so sad that your voice is so low. :'( 

  10. jeff perkins says:

    I played on PTR with 1500 gold find on t6 and would get 300 mil+…haven't played in a while but there used to be a communities and that would farm

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