Diablo 3 Guide: How to Greater Rift with Trade Secrets

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Hey all Zhanji here with a short diablo quick tip on the do’s and don’ts of running a 4 man rift properly! Enjoy and don’t forget to like/share/subscribe/and follow!

This article goes in depth on whats going on in the rift!

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50 Responses

  1. Fábio Ramos says:

    Anyone knows the transmog of that support monk? Looks sick

  2. Phill Morgan says:

    get a job… or dont 😛

  3. Fun to watch this a year later. Meta groups can do 123-125 speed runs in 7-10 minutes with the same paragon. Still good insite into strategy, pylonspawn etc. Very useful information.

  4. This reminded me of the Leroy Jenkins video…

  5. Dan Braun says:

    oh Lord, please don't wear a wife beater again, makes you look like a cracked out wolverine… great video though, I'll give you that!

  6. Gre Gory says:

    Im listening to this video while I post so maybe you answer my 2 questions. 1. Why is Diablo so hackable compared to most games? 2. In season, how do so many players get so many primals so fast? I just started playing again in season 12. I love the seasons and have given a nice way to play. But season 12 I played up to paragon 1000 and never got a single Primal. This season 13 Im 712 Paragon so far and finally got my first Primal. It wasnt the greatest boots I imagined they would be but at least they were better than what I had and the ones I needed. Also in the leader boards. All the top players have the helms I need with stats and socket. Ive found dozens of the helms I need but they all are subpar. Ive farmed, rifted, kadalad, and tried crafting about 30 of them. I just dont get how the top tier players get so much so fast. Is it team play? I do run solo alot and just random public teams.

  7. Dan Cahill says:

    How do you despawn pylons?

  8. Zhanji, I wish you guys would do another video like this for the season 12 meta and the new rebalanced sets. This was hugely helpful.

  9. Chris Bird says:

    Idk how to despawn a pylon

  10. Nivela Games says:

    Nice vid man. You earned a sub.

  11. Pawel Kapica says:

    does despawning mean that you try to not go to that location so it won't spawn? never heard of actively spawning or despawning 🙂 you guys play this game waaaay too much :DDD thx though!

  12. emry7 says:

    I built my support monk based on your monk guides and I swear… every time we test new things in Greater Rifts I start with "my monk master (Zhanji) said this…!" :))

  13. Are Greater Rifts harder if there are players in the game, but not in the rift?

  14. Very informative video. Thanks guys!

  15. Styx Zero says:

    this video was amazing! well done dudes! also a question since im pretty new to d3… do I need a team to do this higher lvl rifts? or could I in theory get to these levels solo? because I usually like to play arpg's solo.

  16. WTF is that barb doing?

  17. Sam Den says:

    Hey, Zhanji! I am relatively new to Diablo3, could you please tell me, how do you have 4770 bloodshards? I just passed gr71 solo and I have about 1200, which is not even near your numbers. Please, answer, I would be very glad.

  18. how dit you get to have 4770 blod?

  19. great vid. very insightful

  20. JK C says:

    Lots of talk about "despawning" a pylon but you never explain how or what it even is.

  21. mynameisray says:

    If you were even on the 4 man boards, I would consider watching. Since you're no where near the top, I don't see the point in taking advice from you.

  22. Kyoja says:

    Super basic question but you talk a lot about a "time to move" – what do you base this on, what makes it a time to move?

  23. How is that wizard wearing a demon hunter helm tansmog? Been searching the web for how can i change mine to like that. Can someone help me?

  24. Gro Hazelnut says:

    Zhanji be the kind of dude you'd love to smoke a few joints with, great vid 🙂

  25. JJKnight23 says:

    This is really helpful, thanks for putting in the work!

  26. Loved the video! This really helps, and this is agreat video to send to friends who need tips

  27. JayPag says:

    Is there a reason why you wouldn't want Gogok over lvl25 on Supports?

  28. BLACK WINGS says:

    Level 1.7k paragon??
    Would u believe it if I tell u I have less bloodshards then your level in the game??

  29. Rainbow Sam says:

    Amazing infos, thx. Even tho I'm not sure I'm gonna find a group

  30. Erik Micski says:

    Hi, nice videos you guys has been putting up lately! I'm just wondering why you guys keep comparing the wiz to the gen monk throughout the video, does this imply you consider not quite as good as the others? I know you guys have said DH will be okay or "comparable" with wiz, but what are the major difference? The DH should be pretty tanky and mobile, could he not help the barb with scouting and also supporting the WD with wolf and traps

  31. Tim Nielsen says:

    why is the wizz not using way of frost?

  32. Thanks for this video, really helpful!

  33. Great video.. thanks.
    For how many seasons have been you stacking up blood shards on your non-season chars? ^^

  34. jk0r says:

    How do you have 4770 blood shards on you?
    Is that a PTR-thing?

  35. Wicked Remmi says:

    Hey Zhanji thanks for the videos ;D oh and do you have a Stream schedule or something ?

  36. can u make a video on how to gear a class fast?

  37. Unter says:

    how can u have 4770 blood shards saved up?

  38. Bernie says:

    Great Video.Can you please give me a info if the Wizard using paragon for AreaDamage in this Setup?THXI think no….

  39. Ed- ward says:

    Really informative, probably wont ever push this high, but still nice to understand the mechanics of it better.

  40. netslave says:

    love that barb haka

  41. kio says:

    do u know if hydras stack stricken?

  42. Tim Nielsen says:

    Me and a friend have been debating about how the range from the boss/mobbs and hydras efects the damage. plz help us!

  43. Midna2k7 says:

    Why the Wiz using Archon Beam with hydras at the same time (Just on RG boss), if only one (Beam or Hydras) can proc at the same time ??? Just let the hydras doing the damage till the 4 stack of tal ends. ???

  44. xXimakidXx says:

    these nerds are wayyyy too good at this game. these small little things to get it done in time are crazy stupid.. Meant in the best possible way lol, gg

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