Diablo 3 – Hardcore Let’s Play Monk LTK EP:11 Gameplay Season 15

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This is a Diablo Hardcore Let’s Play focusing on Non-Meta builds & progressing solo in Season 15, enjoy!
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6 Responses

  1. dude. no joke. industrial grade flashlights are amazing. i have 3 (mechanic as my job) but a plane crashed into a power pole out here last winter and they kind of saved the day for my 3y/o and i! plus they recharge. streamlights are awesome!

  2. next season challenge blud. play hc without cheat death.lets do thiss!

  3. Sean Allen says:

    Like the videos thus far. Are you looking to go to the F&R LTK build?

  4. Jake Groesch says:

    Love these vids keep it up!

  5. You sure play a lot of D3.

  6. Tony McClure says:

    Anyone have a link to his ulianas build?

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