Diablo 3 Helltooth Pet GR 85+ Solo Build!

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Witch Doctor Gr85+ solo build! Gargz GO SMASH!!!
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44 Responses

  1. Gr85?? LOL that was barely successful 70… smh

  2. TheUltimatar says:

    Hey, Anthony, is this really the best build for high GRift tiers? Because I'm trying to clear GR74 and cannot because of two things; 1) If I'm killed twice in a row my pets are all on cooldown and time ticks away leaving me behind and 2) if my pets take longer than 30 sec to kill the Guardian I loose my SH stacks and am a sitting duck getting one shotted at will every few seconds. It's horrible!

  3. kinki gruvi says:

    I can hardly understand him FFS

  4. I have those boots that leave fire where I walked, if I remove the set boots for this one I fuck up the build, right?

  5. caspercoven says:

    Sotftcore players man.. Lol. I use this build but reading comments and seeing softcore play styles is hilarious. Death means nothing and is incorporated into their strategy xD

  6. Symmetra says:

    85+ hmmmm, why are you rifting in 70?

  7. I just did my first 65 grift with this build and crashed it

  8. MultiVaynard says:

    lol, where is 85+ WP?

  9. Does attack speed increase pet attack speed? Cuz I noticed you like to put AS on some of your gear.

  10. Which items are on your follower? and which stats should i be looking for, for my followers items?

  11. Yes, nice build, but…you are not Rhyker sou donลฅ talk too much and, especially, do not scream! Thank you.

  12. Mikkel N says:

    what about Confidence Ritual, isnt that a good passive? 25% inscrease dmg to enemies within 20yards?

  13. evan water says:

    Worst part of this build Dying at grift boss and having to wait for garg cool down. so annoying.

    also Estoerio is a good gem to use for def if needed. next patch helltooth will have a %500 extra bonus

  14. bazza ke says:

    Amazing videos mate!! Spot on! Loving the witch doctor so much!! Can I join your clan, team up lol?!

  15. Aj Carmona says:

    completed a GR 90 with endless walk set on PTR with this build. Guess people should try it out before ripping it apart first. Thanks for the video tony!

  16. cruorek says:

    Doors arent problem btw, you just have to hit doors with the edge of your Wall of Death spell ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice build tho!

  17. Ninebears says:

    I needed a tougher build than my zuni in this season – just started getting serious this weekend. After watching this, I found have everything but the helm, bracers and knife. Still, it's more powerful than what I have been using. Got the Grin Reaper helm to drop the second rift I tried. Decided to use that for now and…. omg, lol. Thanks Anthony!

  18. Urza26 says:

    Guys, I've a question. I'd seen some builds with endless walk instead of COE and hellfire amulet. Just wondering which is better at pushing. Thanks.

  19. the tasker legendary afix does not make a difference with your gargs fames needed per attack.

  20. Random question, but how do your zombie dogs look like that?

  21. Jarlaxle says:

    Why does no one use The Grin Reaper anymore? If you got rid of the Tasker and Theo and use Helltooth Gauntlets so that you can wear it, there would be piranhados and walls of death all over the place. They would proc the set bonus and the bane of the trapped gem. Also, the spawned mimics should get the damage bonus from the mask of jeram in the cube, right?

  22. Clean Living says:

    Opening doors is the most awkward thing ever with this build. Playstyle in general is so boring and inactive that the WD may as well not even be there.

    Have you tried Endless Walk set instead of CoE+Hellfire? Also not hugely sold on Stricken just for the secondary, but I guess there isn't an obvious replacement.

  23. Would this build work on a multibox team of 4 running grifts for xp?

  24. Paul Maxson says:

    I don't have a Furnace so what weapon would you recommend in the cube?

  25. Din says:

    I have everything except for the damn furnace.

  26. Diablo 3 Helltooth Pet GR 85+ Solo Build!

    But in the video he mades GR70 so…rofl.

  27. love the vids, very helpful

  28. Parabola says:

    this build is going to put me to sleep….

  29. adrian mos says:

    Gr85+ build , doing 70 in 14 mins…

  30. Tea S says:

    Quin69 on youtube constantly updates from ptr to live on reg basis if u 2 could find a way to work together for builds would do wonders for the player base for ptr to live.

  31. Tea S says:

    PTR or actual game build ……seams everything played ptr crap now.

  32. Can you make a quick Build on DF for a TX speed variation?

    I really enjoy helping other gear and level.

  33. rloft123 says:

    why title it 85+ when you only had a minute 50 seconds left at 70?

  34. Walter White says:

    Is this build better than "Insane bear build" ??

  35. Anthony Denk says:

    I'm very confused… You barely completed a 70 and even had a power pylon for the guardian…..
    So how in the world are you going to deal with an 85……Thats well beyond 10x the life per creature….

  36. How do you manage 85, i cant even manage to do 70 with helltooth pet. Is this build still valid?

  37. Can't get taskers from kadala

  38. ahaha 85+ so easy man ))

  39. wazo94 says:

    why use LOH dogs instead of the cold dogs that add to %dmg taken?

  40. how are the fallen lunatics there ? didn't see any gear or cubed items that spawned them ? just wondering

  41. If u say this build is good enuff for GR 85+ why u only go to 70????
    I doubt this build is for 85+

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