Diablo 3 Magic Find Inferno Act 3 – Easy Fast Farm Trick ORIGINAL

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Diablo 3
Magic Find – Magic Finding
Inferno Farm – Farming

What is up everyone I am ATRon The Gamer and in this video I’m going to be showing you all how you can go about farming tough packs of mobs whether they be regular, rare champs, or uniques! Simply kite the mob to the spot I show off in the video and whack away!

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18 Responses

  1. ZAK TAYLOR says:

    nerfed now good job posting this and ruining it for everyone

  2. James Hunter says:

    melee = shift click attack increases range

  3. superlolll says:

    VERY helpfull, thankyou!

  4. PockyG says:

    I would also like to know this as well. What do you find is currently the best way to farm for gear? I really want to gear up my barb but I'm having a tough time. Thanks, your videos are amazing.

  5. DH can deal against Reflect Damage easily. Nerher tentacle + Shadow force with Gloom rune and you heal instead of getting damaged!!!

  6. MrDuckle says:

    You should try venom hydra when dealing with elites especially if you can get them stuck like that

  7. Even if theres a pack, they all get stuck there???

  8. Out of all your amazing farming videos, which one do you find is better for farming gear as well as gold?

  9. Tomichu says:

    this is grate! the only i thing i cant preform poperly is to hit "damage reflect" mobs as a demon hunter coz they just …. I just kill my sellf immidiatly. wuld love to hear some tips about that. thanks

  10. =D Glad you found this to be of use to you hardfiresk!

  11. Nice vids, liked them alot

  12. Firehun says:

    this will help out for those siegebreaker runs 😀

  13. I just responded to your private message MrSeb, but I will answer it here as well just more briefly, DH!

  14. Seb says:

    What would you say is the best inferno solo farming class DH or Wiz?

  15. kojoe413 says:

    nice video mate keep up the good work

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