Diablo 3 – Monk – Gameplay

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Force Strategy Gaming presents: Monk Gameplay Footage

Some in game footage of the Monk from the BlizzCon 2009 B-roll footage.

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Music used:
Diablo II Soundtrack

Intro by: Zach Booth

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31 Responses

  1. Albert Chyn says:

    Thanks for making these videos. I was looking for a D3 video to show my friend and this was perfect! Action right away and not a lot of talking like other video guides.

  2. Alex Chudoba says:

    guys, which class should I get if I like to tank a lot but doesn't like the barbarian ?

  3. ok says:

    WOW! Guys please buy Diablo 3 from here it's cheap and you're help my out aswell!

  4. Swag 420 says:

    I actually like the monk D:

  5. Evan Chagnon says:

    Wow the monk looks badass. This is the character I am leaning towards for my first time. Any abilities you recommend that is a must have for him?

  6. why is this video so different to my actual game? wtf?

  7. BFinFlavin says:

    wish we could of had the game been more like this, and the very first beta release, 🙁 o what could have been.

  8. onekool Guy says:

    Game doesn't really look like that and it doesn't play like that either….

  9. Robin Khan says:

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  11. Zonex123 says:

    i agree… somehow monk was way more badass

  12. Laxmi8427 says:

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  13. Domelix says:

    Oh, this game looks cool. Where can I buy it?

  14. ZelgadisGW says:

    We are people and this is internet. Unfortunately, douchebags on internet are reproducting faster than rabbits. I don't think that anyone could get along with douchebags.

  15. vado arsenal says:

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  16. Hey! Anyone tried the Diablo 3 Beast Guide (google it)? My brother used it to get alot of gold and level up fast within a short time:)

  17. Why isn't the game that was released anything like this?

  18. no that would be boring and unnatural

  19. PiedPiper31 says:

    They ruined it pretty much. They essentially copy pasted the old format, dumbed it down, hit send. The story is bland and uninspired, the lore they gave you just writes everything off as "because Diablo did it" making it all shallow, the skill system is simplistic and gives you no reason to favor anything or build towards. Graphically the game is passable but when you consider Dungeon Seige 3 is essentially a Diablo clone and did a better job in a shorter time….


  21. I dont see nothing wrong with this game…Its well made and the skills looks pretty cool…I think hipsters should shut up.

  22. MrCipherz says:

    diablo 3 sucks balls

  23. Exomious says:

    Don't take shortcuts through the game you fucking noob play it how your meant to you will find a lot more fun.

  24. Exomious says:

    so what your saying is even though i fucking love ponies you will not hate me for it even if you fucking hate ponies… I'm talking about My Little Pony if you did not pick up on that 🙂

  25. drew kimball says:

    what is better the warrior or the monk? I've heard the monk is good but can die a lot faster than the barbarian. I want a melee class for inferno eventually which one is better?

  26. gian vergara says:

    can anyone tell me what skill is that at .08?

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