Diablo 3 Necromancer Pestilence Speed Farming Build

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Diablo 3 Necromancer Pestilence Speed Farming Build

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11 Responses

  1. joe leeman says:

    Gears is like deers, would you say "oh look at those cute little deers over there shitting all over my yard". If you were talking about the gears making up some kind of machine or old clock, then yeah. Which just kinda dawned on me makes no sense……neverminnd your right call your gears "gears"

  2. Why is this guy taking a cold land of the dead when he's taking a poison corpse lance?…shouldn't it be plague lands for poison?

  3. Macabre is pronounced mah-kab. But great video. Got necro Feb 11th, and playing him as seasonal… so I'm still learning all this stuff

  4. Dear Suzy says:

    Thanks pussycat : so basically you copy paste Lord Fluffy's build and still manage to dismiss some important tips… poor guy…

  5. tae lee says:

    thank you for this video!

  6. Wayne Keenan says:

    DH is the doh for speed farming this season. But necro has a slow all or freeze all thats awesome in team plat GR push

  7. Atilla Kös says:

    To Slow for speed farmen. Im a LOT faster with my DH

  8. Bone spear procs zodiac which reduces your cooldown. During the initial rift, you could have targeted a mob to reset LotD. I’ve done a GR80 in 2 mins with this build.

  9. zchronos says:

    Cool to see you back man
    Thanks for the video

  10. Semirotta says:

    There was only two builds I liked. Bonearmor chill speed run for rifts and in GRs I loved support necro.

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