Diablo 3 Necromancer Rathma’s PET Build Guide – Bones of Rathma Petmancer

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Rathma’s Pet Necromancer build guide. My latest build guide is for the Necromancer. This is my current build I am running using the Bones of Rathma set. This build uses Skeletal Archers and Army of the Dead! Hopefully this helps some ppl out!
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Intro by Alex J.
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21 Responses

  1. Amon Amarth says:

    Is this still viable for season 12?

  2. CL M says:

    Yes, this is helping BIG TIME!! Just got this necro 3 days ago.. I can almost clear T70, Just cleared T65 only dying one time

  3. how did ur army of the dead cd
    so fast??

  4. Very helpful thank you i just got my rathma set now to start plugging it all together

  5. WolfRathmA says:

    Did anyone call me? 😛

  6. Albert Chyn says:

    Wait knockback is considered stunned?

  7. Aoth17 says:

    Is it me or does the pre-season Necromancer had more power then the one in the season. I mean…..my dmg as a 'PetMancer' was around 300kkk before the season went live. Now in season it's hard for me to get around 100-150 up to 200kkk not to mention above. Of course I'm talking without CoE, Simulacrum and stuff like that. AM I missing something ?

  8. LB030377 says:

    Wait I'm confused…how do you get both command skeletons and army of the dead? I thought they were on the same skill so you can only use one at a time.

  9. Jake Watson says:

    You have the perfect voice for the "price is right" guy who announces the prizes!

  10. Mongoose1852 says:

    Wolfcryer may have posted another build that's an improvement on this one, but it still fills a niche. If you only have a partial Rathma's set, so you don't have the 6 piece bonus, running this build is worthwhile until you get the whole thing.

  11. We3 Yankee says:

    Sounds like your calling a little league baseball game – UUUuuuuupppp neeeext is the Commmmmand Skeleton skiiiiiiilllllllll

  12. Remtrox H says:

    OMG so I love this spec but I changed one thing I found I was still not making enough essence so instead of taking bone armor I took devour with the Rune that turns it into a aura, and OMG I never run out of essence ever again, thank you

  13. Rodistair says:

    do the minions count as pets? i haveny noticed a difference in my minions with/without tasker amd theo nor with Enforcer gem

  14. Ron Swanson says:

    Thanks for the video man, after a long hiatus I'm finally hyped again for the season 11 with Necro. Your video helped me a lot to figure out if I would like the playstyle and will help me for sure as soon I'll have all the items.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. the ring says "you deal …" >.<

  16. I was running Cold build until I tried singularity. But at just P1100 I have cleared gr 89 with the Skeleton archers. I did gr 90 in 12 minutes using singularities, but its way way more squishy. With the hotfix will be easier to do more damage for both specs since uptime of max damage will be much higher.

    You only use shadow hook in cube if you play singularity spec, and even then IF you use bone armor you need to, must, use Scythe of the cykle. 300% damage from your skeleton mages when you have bone armor active, is incredibly much more damage then giving your normal minons another 150%. Also survival is strong and you do not need untiy in Rathma spec, also not esoteric. You use Bane of the trapped, Zeis stone of vengance or bane of the powerful, and Enforcer. If you somehow die, use Esoteric. Unity lowers your damage too much to progress and your overkill on damage reduction, IF you use bone armor.

    Second: In order for a none singularity build to do most damage, you need the following skills, this is my build.
    : Curse of decri (for dmg reduction and proc bane of the trapped)
    Curse of frailty . Scent of blood rune (Your minions do 15% more damage, and insta kill anything below 15% health, HUGE damage increase)
    Bone armor . Dislocation (To proc krysbins and your APDs)
    Bone spikes
    Skeleton Archers.

    You run either Convention of elements, IF you have an eye of etlich with cold damage.
    Or if you have a strong endless walk set, you run this. Krysbin or najls on you, whatever is best rolled, and one in the cube.

    For passives, you do not need Overwhelming essence since your not using Shadow hook, also not in paragon points.
    You need Malediction (your spamming double curses, huge damage increase from passive and frailty), and you need Grizly tribute for life steal (try to get atleast one item with life per hit)
    You need to use Freezing minions for CC and proc krysbins and APDs.
    The other passives are standard.

    This build will push you high. Its not a speed farming build, for that you use inarius with Wreath of lightning and mirinae.
    But the build is much tankier then inarius and do more damage then inarius.

    If you want to push though, you need to learn to play with singularities.
    But thats a completely different spec and much more glass cannon.
    With COE cykle up, your skeleton archers melts elites like there is no tomorrow, and frailty curse helps incredibly much.
    Around Gr 85, at my P1100, gr bosses insta die from 50% health once Cold comes up, together with that they die under 15% health. it just goes BOOM.

    Petmancer is the most fun of all necromancer builds in my opinion.
    Maybe cause I always played barb, sader or even monk.

  17. Mugs zy says:

    Do minions cast from the spell revive count as minions toward this build? Just curious

  18. a fair video, no click baits on tittle, no fake promisses, thats why i love your videos wolf.

    for some reason i cannot adapt to rathmas builds, ( its probably entirely my fault ) but still thanks for the build man great job.

  19. Denny Lawing says:

    The build has work for me so far. Slowly moving up GR to see how far I can go, I am at 63 for now and have had no problems of dying or killing GRG will continue to see how far I can go with this build. Thanks for the info.

  20. Is Krysbin's Sentence a necromancer-only item?

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