Diablo 3 New Tristram Warcraft 3 Gameplay

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A preview of my Diablo III Warcraft 3 map with Barbarian.


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42 Responses

  1. ZioSoBland says:


  2. brotalnia says:

    this map doesnt seem to work for me. it isnt on the list of maps when i select custom game?

  3. Augustus077 says:

    Not that this looks too different from the actual game ahahahaha

  4. Ren says:

    where can I download tis map? guide me pls..

  5. Dright Hooks says:

    Hey guys:) Did you ever tried the Diablo 3 Beast Guide (do search on google)? My buddy used it to get tonnes of golds and level up fast within a short period of time:)

  6. I discover this 5 days before D3 release 🙁 FML

  7. Nikola Pan says:

    how do I play the map i downloaded it but I cant start it, it just brings me back to the same page please if someone knows respond

  8. k0ksii says:

    When I select a custom map from the list it just goes back to the map select screen instead of team select.

  9. Chosey10 says:

    @darkmarine123 No sir! I'm in both beta's and D3 is a lot better in my opinion. Path of Exile's abilites are too unoriginal.

  10. @Enkeria Then you my sir. Is a retard.

  11. You are fucking AWESOME!

  12. Danny says:

    multi playable?
    can i download it?

  13. Enkeria says:

    The title of this video is misleading. I thought it was actually Diablo 3 and not warcraft!

  14. nvm my second question just saw at the end lol ty ty ty

  15. ok so i got 2 questions for u.
    1. How long did it take u to do this? this is awesome.
    2. Did u release some type of custom game that people can play on warcraft 3? cuz i wanna try that so bad!

  16. Man, doesnt the VERY start of this video sound like the intro to final fantasy 7, if you don't believe me check, the song that starts when you begin a new file. Listen for the bell.

  17. LorDOlf says:

    Where did u get music?

  18. Riney says:

    Oh Ill play this map. But Path of Exile > World of Diablo 3

  19. Ali Kara says:

    my god this is amazing

  20. Oh god… For a moment I thought this was real

  21. speechless :X
    we don't need diablo anymore

  22. deadfishy666 says:

    @jackrabbitrock The Hive Workshop!

  23. John England says:

    I can't believe this.. Is this a joke? This is un friggin real!

  24. mateoboss0 says:

    Where are the balls of hp and mana?!

  25. João Amaral says:

    Damn. If you did this by yourself you´re not only genious. You´re embarassing Blizzard's Dev team…
    Great physics, characters, mobs, skills overall, sound effects… Sick work dude , congrats. 🙂

  26. @89dns "A preview of my Diablo III Warcraft 3 map with Barbarian" – Video Description

    its a mod for warcraft 3

  27. 89dns says:

    It's good, but we are in 2011 –> not 2004! In my opinion it isn`t realistic. Its like WarCraft strategy game.


  29. Alex says:

    this is fan made?

  30. Mogu Kun says:

    Awesome, great and insaneee!

  31. Kdud says:

    You can do MUCH more with wc3…Trsut me…

    I've seen maps that got modded so hard and are so awesome…

    But yes, this is a very awesome example for how cool wc3 is!

  32. Andrei Ilie says:

    you are a genius. this is Pure PURE epicness

  33. @Wondercheese100 epicwar dot com/maps/172854/

  34. epicwar dot com/maps/172854/

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