Diablo 3 On Switch Is A Fresh Way To Play A Classic

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After spending some time raiding dungeons and crushing bosses on the new Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III, Tamoor and Dave sit down and talk about the best parts of the game.

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50 Responses

  1. GameSpot says:

    If you have played Diablo 3 already, will you be double dipping on Switch?

  2. Nah graphics downgraded too much in Switch. Switch console should be able to handle better graphics than this. Take a look at Arena Valor for SWITCH

  3. Dubman 31 says:

    Diablo III a classic? what? Yall are the kind of people who thinks Doom (2016) it's a new IP?

  4. Shane B says:

    PVP was lacking in D3 in D2 loot duels where possible I feel like it just needs some cleaning up so you get the gear after a duel. Game creators should be able to pick at creation, dueling on or off.

  5. The End Game says:

    diablo 3 is not a classic.

  6. Ilker D. says:

    the effects look a bit like stop motion? choppy!?

  7. Yair Cabrera says:

    This game have lanplay?

  8. CodeZ says:

    How is it with targeting? joystick vs mouse?

  9. Tenebras says:

    A classic? Rly? D3 is a classic? What?

  10. Sonic Pulsar says:

    Pre-ordered 🙂 Anxious to play this on the go

  11. I’ve never played any of them. I can’t wait to rock this shit hard

  12. Diablo 3 On Switch Is A Fresh Way To Play a Diablo game that is incredibly stale. (WORST IN THE SERIES). Bring on D4

  13. Luis F says:

    6:56 And that's the beauty of the Switch. Man, I love this console!

  14. TheGift137 says:

    What's wrong with plating games on the toilet? I mean, wtheck else are we supposed to do while waiting for our bowels to move? Lol

  15. Hesherzzz says:

    Diablo 3 is better than 1 and 2 shut the hell up HATERS

  16. passive101 says:

    It just came out and it's still running low resolution without shadows, lower frame rate, and lowered effects of the Xbox One and PS4 for years? LOL

  17. played it on PC, but didn't bought the latest necro char, so it's time to jump again on Switch.

  18. Dan B says:

    Fuck the tube, it's too hot, too many people, jesus it's torture

  19. InWeCome says:

    Blizzard give me 4 Switches too!

  20. Paul khoza says:

    What does tue chicken do?

  21. Lucas Swart says:

    But does it really make you FEEL like Diablo?

  22. Jeff Céré says:

    @2:10 You guys talk like we're gonna have a new class? Was it a mistake? ;D

  23. Every day we stray further from real Diablo. What have you done to this franchise…

  24. I literally think this is the PERFECT system for Diablo, I mean the single player is either the story with a lot of pause points, and adventure mode is MADE for this. The ONLY thing I would change is the item system, minus and the right analog stick would be perfect for PC mode

  25. Own it still for xbox, pc, and can't wait for Switch 🙂

  26. I preordered the Limited Edition together with the Switch itself…So looking forward to it…

  27. To much money for 6 years game

  28. Seva Martin says:

    You only get Diablo 3 a week early if you're willing to give Blizzard free advertising. Makes me sad that the first level 70s are going to be 70 even before I pick up the game at midnight

  29. sinseer 3605 says:

    is there an offline mode?

  30. RandyArmy says:

    How many hours switch can play it, in battery mode?

  31. Mr Jedite says:

    path of exiles prob be better on the switch too

  32. YavinPrime says:

    I can't wait to play this on my Switch. What would be truly "dangerous" would be if they some how got World of Warcraft onto Switch… I may never leave my bed lol. I know it'll likely never happen but I challenge them to make it 😉

  33. D J says:

    Diablo 3 is dead on PC. Why? Simple. Way too much grinding for gear and weapons. People got bored and moved on to other games.

  34. I have the PC and PS4 versions. And now I can lie in bed and play too!

  35. OniCr0w says:

    Diablo 3 wasn't even made by the Diablo devs. This always sours my view of it.

  36. phunkym8 says:

    i think youre supposed to have a disclaimer somewher for blatantly paid advertisements

  37. Chaika Gaz says:

    One question.. will there be hackers on the switch version..?

  38. repeated2 says:

    can this be played offline?

  39. Andrew Vader says:

    Rather see Diablo 2 on the switch than 3!

  40. 16bitSwitch says:

    I got Diablo with a wow year sub deal a while back so not paying full price twice. I would probably still buy it twice though. I've played here and there on pc but I know portable has made me play games I already have on pc a lot more. Husband and I are each buying a copy to play handheld on our switches.

  41. L&A Gaming says:

    Just preordered on the switch. Truly one of the best games I've played and now they are including everything. Even ganondorf. Of course I'm getting it on the switch!

  42. IndyG0 says:

    Hope for POE to get a Switch port.

  43. Ice Surfer says:

    I want to play Mario Brothers 1 on it that's my goal in life nothing new release

  44. Jamie Jacob says:

    Please bring an RTS like Starcraft series to the Switch with campaign editor. That would be a blast!

  45. wouldn't go as far as to call D3 a classic..

  46. Darkeshi says:

    how diablo 3 is a classic? is just 6y old

  47. random_ user says:

    Now if they can add diablo 2/3, dead space 1/2/3, left for dead 2, and the fallout new Vegas/4, elder scrolls 3/4/5. If most or all of the games were custom made or well ported to the switch I would go out and by this

  48. Aeon Lich says:

    since when the fuck was d3 a classic?

  49. Diablo 3 – a classic!? Surely you jest, or is sponsored.

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