Diablo 3 – Paragon Powerleveling Guide (1mil exp every 4 minutes)

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Anyone can use this method. Very easy and Very fast! Cheers!

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43 Responses

  1. DAVID S says:

    DUUUUDE love your work man so the best thing that i always thought of was: equipping + or bonus experience to your character. If that right could you comferm that that it would mean a lot as a demon hunter.     

  2. JC Denton says:

    more players = more support

  3. Mampfie says:

    solo is pussy . more player = stronger mobs

  4. Fringe13 says:

    This is from 2012 I don't think they put in the bonus exp till 2013

  5. Mampfie says:

    why would ppl level solo ? 4 player coop > all

  6. dude when he posted this video it was really hard to play in inferno…

  7. Kim Jonsson says:

    I get 2.7M exp every 4 min by running through only keep depths lvl 2

  8. Albert Mihai says:

    Hey, have you heard of "Diablo III max out turbo"? Simply head over to their web page: http://D3MaxoutTurbo.com On their website you will find a smart free video demonstrating the right way to speed run Diablo 3. It made it easier for Jack to speed level in Diablo 3 and thus max out his character very fast making a lot of gold on the way. Hopefully it will help you as well.

  9. Umm how do you start right at the portal to Azmadon at the beginning? I cant start there no matter what i do…

  10. at the time, he wast top 50 (or 15) in NA for demon hunter. Now that PvP is availabe, as terrible as it is… I would love to see a fraps'd video of skyZo222 getting his ass raped by LastHopeForRaoha… end of story. Loved the video bro!

  11. This route is outdated but you obviously know it.

    For information, nothing at the moment beats 31% xp ruby helm, 30% leoric signet + rolled Hellfire ring & cain set on the big 3 :
    Crater 2, Korsikk > Slaughter, Keep 2.

  12. HDjuul says:

    i cant clear quiker D:

  13. witch MP ??????????????

  14. CLEAN YOUR ROOM !!!!!!!!

  15. Kov Kova says:

    looks like azmodan raided your room mate.

  16. Tham Hansson says:

    Man please answer this but how do i farm gold? 🙂

  17. Arthur M says:

    You are awesome 🙂
    thanks! 🙂

  18. laralotas4 says:

    Hey, have you heard of "Diablo 3 Maxout Turbo" (search on Google for it)? On their website you will find a useful free video demonstrating the way to speed run Diablo 3. It made it possible for Jack to speed level in Diablo 3 and consequently max out his character super fast. Hopefully it will work for you as well…

  19. laralotas4 says:

    Hello there, have you heard of "Diablo 3 Maxout Turbo" (just search on Google for it …)? There you will find a useful free video explaining the way to speed run Diablo 3. This made it possible for Pete to speed level through Diablo 3 and consequently max out his character super fast. Perhaps it will help you out also…

  20. really nice guide tried it on my wizard but with hellfire insted of leoric and i lvled like crazy thx m8!! + u look cool in that scruffy beard thingie dont mind the haters 🙂

  21. Jebus says:

    lol.. his facial hair is definitely trimmed.

  22. yatchacs says:

    this should be done on mp10 right? or is this pre-patch?.. if so is it still worth it over doing the same on inferno mp1(loot bonus)

  23. Deock76 says:

    Thank you so much for the info on this. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Raptor says:

    lol just do the same thing

  25. MsDadadum says:

    this video was made before that patch but also MP 10 doesn't work because mob health vs. bonus xp actually makes the xp per hour slower even if you can clear MP 10 with relative ease

  26. ronignino says:

    did you actualy knows who fabregas is? xD

  27. r3ddevill says:

    can u give me some advice on my DH? i can link u my char…i die like hell, ive played from the begin the barb and now got a good geared dh 150k dps (no sharp) 33k hp 350 all ress and i loose my head when i get hitted 😐 mp 6 with a monk is no problem…mp 5 alone is doable the rest i feel like doing nothing 😐

  28. gap0011 says:

    if u watch a little bit he says it doesnt matter what class u use 1:10

  29. Wrathinside says:

    Demon Hunter. Dislike+Ignore. Seriously, are there any guidesskilled viodes made by WDs and monks?

  30. Schmidteren says:

    HINT… USE PASSIV THAT GIVES HATRED ON HEALTH GLOBES… I do that and use only 1 spell that is multiarrow no need to use others since you can keep using this with all the health globes.

  31. kosinova2003 says:

    "Alot of people are probably closing this video like fuck this guy, i'm not gonna paragon level in hell" – i've been laughing to this dialog for like 1 min. 😀

  32. MizuSeishin says:

    nice video dude, i like all your tutorials so helpful!

  33. manveru666 says:

    People keep mistaking you for others.. what's in 20 years, Bruce Willis?

  34. natixGH says:

    I thought Cain Set is from Crafting?

  35. Decrueto says:

    i liked the song and mood so F U hater..


  36. Dkouts57 says:

    i just tried it. from the Fields all the way to Azmodan it took me one hour to clear everything including the caves.
    Not that efficient but I did about 610k XP every 4 minutes WITHOUT a signet and a jewel of 27%. Granted the new patch kicks ass with all these bonuses but thanks for the help

  37. Frank McWard says:

    Nothin but some bro-love from me man! Lovin the videos and all the content you put out!!! Thanks man!

  38. When you say you're in the top 15 Demon Hunters, etc… Where can I find out how I rank?

  39. The only thing I would add to this is to get some pickup radius so you aren't leaving 10's of thousands of gold laying on the ground.

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