Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls How to get a Set of Wings

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today i am showing you how to get a pair of wings in Diablo 3 patch 2.4.2

i did not have a set of wings to start with btw guys lol

here is the link to GrumpyPCer channle


you want to head to act 4 and go in to the map were rakanoth is the chest is in this area if the map is dark a chest will not spawn
you want the map to be light as possible that will be the key to getting this chest thanks for watching the video and dont…

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40 Responses

  1. Do you have to drive seasonal to get falcon wings?

  2. quada playz says:

    really good guide dude

  3. LeafyLlamas says:

    I got the falcon wings first try😂😂😂😂

  4. Is this on ps3 reaper of souls?

  5. VortexGaming says:

    hey can put ur battletag in the comments so i can add you need someone to play with pls

  6. kokokoko886 says:

    After watching your video n I start my run….no luck did like 15 runs…ends up found rainbow goblin and got cosmic wings….thanks though nice video

  7. paez5007 says:

    Thank you, got mine on first run…

  8. Rick Sanchez says:

    Of course this guys name would be "DragonSlayer08"

  9. What is the build your running

  10. what is the music used in background? Really cool. Name author pls.

  11. Digitas says:

    what a fat bitch ..

  12. Skorpion says:

    Ahhh it looks like my chances of accquiring wings are pretty damn low 😂 Thanks anyway, this was actually a pretty useful tutorial even if I suck too much to use it haha.

  13. Klimzo says:

    Thanks, now watch my guide to get a chin.

  14. Ghostboy444 says:

    dose it still work if you're on ps4?

  15. maybe the chest is under your chins jk nice video been wanting wings and they look sick

  16. Red Alalay says:

    Will this also work for the PS4?

  17. Felix Yumul says:

    why are people being such assholes to him he's just fucking making a video if u dont like him just leave instead of making him feel bad dumbasses

  18. Scott Pike says:

    Hay dude you are cool I mean it

  19. @DragonSlayer08 Holy shit, i have to thank you. I have been farming these wings for over a week and nothing. I came and watched your video, saw you get them and got the urge to look again. first load up was dark, took your advice, started a new one. Sure enough the second one was bright as could be, and they fucking spawned…. i can't stop laughing, flipping stupid, that one little trick. thanks man. definitely subing.

  20. Atheos says:

    found it on the first run 🙂

  21. Tony Mathias says:

    Your theory about a dark map not spawing wings is bullshit, I found my falcon wings in a dark map.

  22. we get wings in adventure mod to???

  23. Valfor says:

    is it same spot every time or no

  24. ༺Flare༻ says:

    Not sure why this has dislikes. Great video, thanks. I'll get on to grinding it

  25. uber2uber says:

    Do u need to have a next gen console for wings?

  26. You are so awesome!!!  We have been playing Diablo for years and just started D3 this past November, 2016.  I've wanted a set of wings since.  Hope to get some after viewing your tutorial.  I personally liked the way you made this as I need step by step instructions with games.  I'm kinda a tech tard and this was helpful!  You and your buddy rocked!  Cheers!

  27. Thanks i got it for the first time in 2.4.3 even in darker map (",)

  28. Ivan D says:

    Thank you bro, got mine in my 10th run.

  29. I just got like 3 chests with no wings inside. Am I doing something wrong ? I´'m a lvl 70 wich doctor on adventure mode.

  30. Chex Mex says:

    it took me 6 hours 5 day spread fml lol

  31. A Boiled Egg says:

    Do you lobby with people tgat watch your vids? Cause i can run a t13 in 2 mins keen for a party up man

  32. Pimpo Gyuri says:

    GOT IT ON MY FIRST 😀 😀 :wow

  33. Prismo says:

    Wait, why does this video have a lot of dislikes but no negative comments? That is a tad bit weird…

  34. Nice video, Thanks 🙂

  35. thewack90 says:

    is this on xbox one

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