Diablo 3: ROS Tips and Tricks for Beginners!

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What is up youtube! Long time no see! Welcome to my new channel!

This video covers beginner tips and tricks to help all the people just diving into diablo because of all the hype caused by reaper of souls. If you have anymore questions and or need any advice? Feel free to hit me up in game or one of the outlets posted below!

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8 Responses

  1. offspring890 says:

    what a good and friendly video a sub for your efforts

  2. bkizfun2 says:

    ? Ive been playing for a while, how do i use the gems with weapons, transform items and forge items…?

  3. Koviko says:

    How do you expect anyone to watch this guide? You just ramble.

  4. Hello I just want to know is Diablo 3 worth a buy on xbox 360?

  5. MARRRRC0P0L0 says:

    Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it.

  6. Another tip not mention here. To save money, especially on the bigger gems that cost over 100k gold each to remove from socket, simply go to enchant station and chose to remove the socket. It will only cost you 5k to 10k gold to remove all the gems. Of course if you want to keep that piece of equipment for another character, it might not be a good thing to do 😉

  7. At 7:35, you mention not to put red gems in your weapon. You should add ''after level 60 or so'' because you see, the green gems critical dam bonus is a % and at low level, the green gem is very bad. Ex: my lvl 15 wizard had only 310 or so attack then i got me a weapon with a socket. I used a green gem to get 120% critical dam bonus, it pushed my attack to 680 or so. I then tried it with the same lvl red gem, 220 damage i think and it pushed my attack to 3700 or so allowing me to play at torment 1 lvl for the rest of act 1 which i finished at lvl 32 with 8600 att and 17.7k def. and no farming to get that.
    The rest is nice, been stuck at 500k att and 9700k def for my demon hunter, i'll try some of the things you mentioned cuz I have a hell of a time in torment 4 with those stats so i can't imagine beating torment 6…

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