[Diablo 3] (Season 10) SUPPORT MONK PART 2 – SKILLS GUIDE

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Passives: Near death experience, Beacon of Yatar, Alacrity, Resolve, and Seize the Initiative

Hey all Zhanji here with a short support monk build guide going over skills for support and healing! Enjoy and don’t forget to like/share/subscribe/and follow!

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5 Responses

  1. Tim Nielsen says:

    hey what Cadem bonus would u run i have seen people run with int why is that aint vitality more optimal?

  2. Gokul Ramesh says:

    Hey Zhanji, amazing and in depth explanations man, keep up the good work. I have always wondered if/does the gem of ease benefit ZDPS characters? Because it says "Monster kills grants +xxxx XP", and I don't think as ZDPS, we get much kills as such.

  3. Hey Zhanji your videos are great, I didn't think I would ever be a support player but with the help of your guides I'm pushing GR90+ and we're gearing up to push GR100+ soon. I've main'd zmonk for the majority of the season and loving it.

  4. Kabab Chips says:

    your vids are great thanks helping me out a lot

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